Decoration Ideas For A Princess Themed Party

Decoration Ideas For A Princess Themed PartyDecoration Ideas For A Princess Themed Party:

  • Crowns
  • Think pink, purple and lots of sparkle!
  • Feather boas in girly colors
  • Christmas lights wrapped with boas, fake flowers or pink fabric (nothing flammable and don’t leave them on for too long, of course)
  • Gold lame fabric can be used over a regular chair to create a throne (for the birthday girl or for all the princesses, depending on how far you want to take this).
  • Fairy princess wands
  • Have Dad dress as a court jester.
  • Place a dowel in your yard with maypole ribbons flowing in the wind to mark the way to the drawbridge (door).
  • Make your own centerpiece with a weighted balloon bouquet and a Mylar gift bag.
  • Sprinkle sequins or pink candies on the table.
  • Place balloon bouquets all around the party area.
  • Drape the Birthday Girl’s chair with pink fabric and ribbon.
  • Drape pink & sparkly fabric over the furniture.

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