Dealing with Toddler Biting

Dealing with Toddler Biting

Something that a lot of Lil’ Duck’s toddler friends like to do is bite other little ones…. hard. He’s never tried this (although he does love to chase us around and try to bite certain parts of us), but if he did, I’d do exactly what one of the mothers in this situation did.

She talked about how she hurt the little girl that was bitten and how sad she must feel (in toddler words, of course), then that we never bite, then had her promise not to do it anymore. Then, when they got home, she went through the toys, selected a stuffed animal and told her that tomorrow she will have to give the toy to the girl she hurt so she will not be sad anymore (I’d recommend a toy which they know is theirs, but isn’t a beloved friend, of course).

Then, from now on whenever she hurts somebody, she will have to give one of her toys away. She put the toy up on a shelf, so it could be seen as a reminder. Then later they made an *I am sorry* card together. In the morning, they talked about it again and she agreed to give the toy to her victim to make her happy again.

Now, I’m not saying that this is a magic cure, that this is for everyone, or that it will even work for my little guy in that situation, but it’s sure worth a try. Talking about it (as much as possible with a little one) and showing consequences for actions is a pattern I try to use when disciplining the little one – he’s old enough to understand when we talk to him, but also needs consequences of course.

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  1. Jennifer #

    I am pregnant with my first baby. The thought of my kid actually biting another kid is scarey. But it happens all the time in the doggy-dog world of toddler interaction! I will remember this advice. I love the idea of setting consequences the child understands and reinforcing them.

  2. Luckily, I’ve never had a biting problem with Girlie Girl. However, Baby Bug will leave teeth marks on me. I know she’s still too young to understand but my finger hurt for days!

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