Daily Life – Healthy Eating and Portion Control

Daily Life – Healthy Eating and Portion Control

The start of a new year makes us all want to get into shape, eat more healthy foods and lead a healthy lifestyle. I always have great ideas, but how do I actually eat better and not start grabbing fattening foods when I open the fridge or the cabinet or pantry?

Here is my Plan for Practical Success:

Clean out the fridge, cabinets and pantry. Do you really still use that old mustard or special sauce? If yes, then get to using it, if no, then Get Rid of It! Have food you really should not be eating? Donate it to your church pantry, a homeless shelter or other friends, eat it up slowly or have someone in the family hide it from you!

Make it neat and tidy – so the good choices will stand out and be in easy reach. Where does your refrigerator and pantry or cabinets get cluttered and food gets “lost”? What can you do to stop this from happening?

Do you need to adjust the shelves so there isn’t wasted space? I got some larger, long and lean type containers which helps containers not to get lost or shoved around.

There is one shelf for food to eat up like leftovers which makes lunch and quick meals easier to choose.

Keep popular, frequently used items in a “top priority” place.

Make a container for grouping ingredients together to make a quick sandwich or after-school snack. Makes healthy food choices easier and the other choices aren’t so tempting :).

Clean the refrigerator and shelves with a mixture of vinegar and water.

Save time with a master grocery items list. This makes it much easier to check off what you need and when you list items in the order of the store (i.e. Frozen, Produce, etc.) you save time and remember to get everything in one trip while at the store! By listing them in catagories, this works better when you go to different stores. Plus put your new healthy choices on there for frequent purchasing. Maybe¬† having a master list will encourage the other family members to check an item when it runs out…but don’t count on it!

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