Cute Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas

Cute Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas – Unique Inspiration Just for You!

The age old question – will baby be a boy or a girl? With the rise in popularity of gender reveal events, it is so much fun to put a unique twist on this anticipated occasion for a memorable party celebration! Yes, we all know about the classic pink or blue gumball in the cupcake, or the colored cake inside, and the popping of the balloons and wearing of your chosen color. Keep any of the traditional things that you enjoy, and then style them into your own adorable, special event with these cute gender reveal party theme ideas.

Cute Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas - Classic Pink & Blue Invite Classic Pink & Blue Style

First, the classic pink & blue can be mixed up with neutral shades like brown, ivory, yellow green and / or white for a sweet look. Use them in your invitations, party decorations and even in your frosting (the invite you see on the left was made to match the cravings of the mama, for vanilla and chocolate cupcakes!). Stir in some sweet sentiment – either favorite verses, Scripture, or nursery rhymes – for a beautiful touch.

Keep the theme going throughout the whole event! For the food, it should all be pink and blue as well. Cotton candy, dipped Oreos and pretzels (melt up white chocolate and color it pink and blue, then dip – you can even add sprinkles too!), rock candy, and gumballs make your treat table look beautiful. Plenty of streamers & balloons are a must. A cute idea from our gender reveal board on Pinterest even has a pink and blue ice cream sundae bar!

Footprints & Bows Artist Gender Reveal Party Invitations Artist Paint or Pottery Theme

With the advent of so many easy paint studios and pottery places, the artistic twist gives your guests a fun keepsake and built-in activity! Use traditional palette colors, classic pink & blue, or change it up with different shades, such as coral pink and cornflower blue or teal. Around our area, Painting with a Twist lets you pick the painting, gives you your own private room and instructor and includes the paint, brushes, canvas and inspiration.

Another take on this would be to have your own artist theme, with a onesie decorating station set up. A big canvas for everyone’s hand prints makes for an adorable keepsake for baby’s room (be sure to have plenty of different paint colors, a way for everyone to sign it and an easy way for people to clean their hands afterwards). These super easy, 10 minute scribble brownies make for sweet themed snacks. What fun!

Nautical Photo Baby Shower Invitations - Striped Parents Anchor Nautical, Fish or Under the Sea Event Theme

Ahoy! Will your little sailor be a girl or a boy? Invite your guests to come sea with this adorable idea. A nautical theme is a fun twist on traditional pink and blue, whether you keep those colors or go with the classic red & blue. Some mommies-to-be are not big pink fans, and so the red & blue is a nice change from that. Toss in a bit of gold and you have a lovely, classic and timeless look.

Another take on this is to do a little fish or under the sea style theme! This lends itself to all manner of cute wording and ideas, such as this verse: “One fish, two fish…will it be a pink fish or a blue fish? Come to see, which it will be…”. Usually lots of colors are used for your “fish-he or fish-she” theme, which means that it is easy to match baby’s nursery if it is already designed. Another way to stay away from pink is with this purple underwater fish invite that we made for this fun mama-to-be’s gender revealed event, just for yet another idea too!

Adorable drink ideas for this theme: have refreshing, light baby boy blue & baby girl pink punch options! The baby boy version can be made by mixing equal parts of blue Hawaiian punch and lemonade. Or use blue raspberry kool-aid (or blue pomegranate if you wish), lemonade, and Sprite. The baby girl style can be pink lemonade and Sprite, cranberry juice and lemonade, or any pink Kool-aid (such as strawberry), pink lemonade and Sprite.

Bright Giraffe Gender Reveal Invitations - Jungle Safari Yellow Chevron Jungle Safari Baby Party

Adorable jungle animals are such a classic baby party theme, and they lend themselves oh-so well to a gender reveal theme, because they can be just about any colors you want! Giraffes and lions are already yellow, elephants are already gray, and most any animal can be colored pink or blue as well. It is always easy to find event decorations in a jungle safari style, and this may go well with baby’s nursery (if it is already decided) depending on the theme. Animals can be classic, cutesy or artistic depending on your style.

For a fun animal pregnancy baby shower game, matching up the animal with the number of days in their gestation is easy to set up and makes for great conversation!  These are just averages / estimates and some sources appear to differ on the exact days (kind of like actual human pregnancies!), so please remember that these fun ideas are just meant for games. You can pick and choose which animals you want to include in your own game, and then shuffle up the names with the number of days (make printed sheets or post one large board with the information). Just be sure to have this answer key easily available!

  • Parakeet – 18 days
  • Mouse / Rat – 21
  • Chicken – 22
  • Wombat – 27
  • Duck – 28
  • Rabbit – 31
  • Groundhog – 31 (might want to pick one option between this and the rabbit)
  • Squirrel – 44
  • Fox (red) – 52
  • Dog / Wolf – 63
  • Cat – 63 (might want to pick one or the other for a cat or a dog to reduce confusion here)
  • Guinea pig – 68
  • Leopard – 93
  • Lion – 108
  • Tiger – 109
  • Pig – 115
  • Goat – 151
  • Sheep – 151 (again, might want to pick between this and the goat)
  • Baboon – 187
  • Deer (white-tailed) – 201
  • Porcupine – 210
  • Bison – 217
  • Black Bear – 220 (Grizzly bears are 215 and polar bears 241)
  • Cow – 280
  • Hippopotamus- 240
  • Seal – 330
  • Horse – 336
  • Alpaca – 350
  • Camel – 390
  • Fox – 430
  • Rhinoceros – 450
  • Walrus – 456
  • Elephant – 624

Bumblebee Baby Gender Reveal Invitation - Ultrasound Photo What’ll it Bee Reveal Parties

Yellow and black are sweet and gender neutral, and adorable little bumblebees are so sweet, that it is no surprise that the “What’ll it bee” theme is so popular for gender reveal parties! Polka dotted and striped patterns add fun to your decor and spruce up plain yellow & black balloons, streamers and tablecloths. If sunflowers are in season in your area, those make adorably bright table accents in the perfect colors as well!

The event colors can carry over into your food as well, such as with dipped, colored chocolate (color white chocolate with yellow food coloring) on pretzel sticks & strawberries and drizzled over ladyfingers. Bee stinger fruit kabobs with pineapple and dark purple grapes are healthy and fun. Then, lemonade makes the perfect drink – super easy too!

For party activities, your guests will find it adorable to “Guess how many honeycombs are in the __ (jar, bottle, etc)”. Print up a little sheet asking who knows the “mom to bee” best with questions tailored just to her for a sweet and personal touch.

This cute themed way to cast your vote, complete with crafty letter accents (from Holidappy), is just too sweet!
Bumblebee Gender Reveal Party Vote Idea Photo



Fall Pumpkin Gender Reveal Party Invitation - Berry & Teal Accents Fall Pumpkin Party

Use the season to your advantage! The beauty of this theme is that all of the decor is inexpensive, already gender neutral and easily obtainable – and also can be re-purposed for your harvest home beautifying.

First, we adore this way of actually revealing baby’s gender – and it is so easy to do! Just paint a mini pumpkin pink or blue, then carve out a pumpkin in the shape of a heart. Write on two other pumpkins… and that’s all! – photo from Cee Me Be

Pumpkin Baby Gender Reveal Photo Idea

Second, for the main table decoration, painting one middle pumpkin to say “It’s a…” and then having one blue and one pink pumpkin on either side is oh-so-cute! Depending on your theme colors, you could even use a white pumpkin in the middle (see an example photo on our gender reveal Pinterest inspiration board). Games can include “guess how many candy pumpkins are in the ___”, “what will our little pumpkin be – based on old wives’ tales” & fall pumpkin themed baby gender ballot cards.

The food can include a make-your-own caramel apple bar, apple cider or cranberry punch, pumpkin drop cookies, taffy apple dip, and an autumn veggie dip plate with a little hollowed out pumpkin in the middle to hold the dip. Oh so cute!

Whether you pick one of these themes or another, we can create your custom invitation to suit this special gender reveal event. We always use only your own custom wording, so you can actually use any of our baby shower invite designs for this occasion.

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