Cute Animal Costumes for Babies & Toddlers

Costumes… oh the funny animal costumes available right now are delightful! A child in an animal costume always steals my heart (maybe because they act like animals sometimes anyway?!). Let me share some of the cute animal costumes for babies & toddlers that you have ever seen. We have to start with…

Infant Duck costumeA yellow Duck – of course we found more than one adorable Baby Duck Costume and Toddler Big Bird Costumes for you to view! A funny story about Lil’ Duck: he now “introduces” his yellow stuffed duck to strangers while out and about – well he is quite particular about informing the person that “This is Ducky. She is NOT Big Bird!” Makes you wonder if Lil’ Duck and Ducky had a “conversation” regarding this embarrassing introduction mix up…

You’ll get a laugh over the Lobster Baby Costume or the Lobster Bunting Halloween Costume especially! Others, like the Christmas Tree Costume, make you groan – haven’t decided if I like it or not…

Let’s take a trip to the ZOO! Monkeys, elephants and giraffes…well I didn’t see any elephants, but you can find one giraffe costume after another. For the monkey, check out the Monkey Animal Costume and don’t forget the stronger Gorilla Costume for your strong climber types.  Pair baby and adult gorilla costumes, add girly or masculine accessories, and go as a family!

R-o-a-r-r-r, here comes a lion in the baby lion outfit! Take a peek through the cage bars at the Panda Bear Halloween Costume, toddler leopard cat dress and baby bear Halloween costume – you just want to hug them!

Sneaking through the house and yard pretending to be an adorable Zebra? Yes, a zebra costume for baby and this Baby Halloween Costume Zebra definitely take the CUTE award :))  Check the toddler and children sizes also. Turtle Baby Costume, dinosaur, or a plush dragon makes childhood so much fun! Just think of the hours of imaginative play your children will have with the costumes for months. Let’s continue along the zoo path…

Baby Dog Halloween CostumeChildren love dogs – Lil’ Duck thinks our dog is his sister…that is a story for another time… Another CUTE award goes to the the kid’s dalmatian puppy costumes. Check out these two other puppy costumes: Infant Furry Puppy Dog Costume & the Toddler Puppy Dog Costume – there is so much fur that you wonder where the baby has gone!

Enjoy flying? Want your little one to be a toucan? The toucan baby costume may be just right! Of course, the little one could be a bat, a bumblebee, or a ladybug. Or how about a dragonfly costume?

Have a child who loves to jump? Try the plush frog costume. Or is your little one the sweetest lamb? Maybe she loves to prance around like a baby pony? Have the little guy who would be great as a cute little dinosaur ? Or maybe you have a child like one of ours… he loved to snort like a pig!

Imagination – what a wonderful thing to have! May you enjoy the joy of a child’s imaginative play all year long.

Grandma Duck

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