Cupcake Cutie Birthday Invitation

“She’s cute, sweet, and oh so fun! Our little cupcake is turning ONE!” This soft-colored cupcake cutie birthday invitation celebrates your girl with up to 6 photos, a cupcake graphic, polka dots, and your custom text. The purple, butter yellow, and gray colors are all customizable to match your party décor or color photos. Kiddie fonts highlight your name and party details, and we can also change any of the graphics to complement your photos or theme. See more ideas on the product page here: Pastel Cupcake 1st Birthday Invitation.

Cupcake Cutie Birthday Invitation - Purple & Yellow Girl Photos

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    “A year of firsts, wonderful and fun, please join us as our little cupcake turns ONE!” Your customizable wording appears in a kiddie handwriting font on this candy-topped cupcake birthday invitation design, colored in bright colors for a fun twist. The…

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