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Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day this Year

Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day this Year - Ideas for Environmental & Climate Literacy

Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day this Year

Earth Day is Saturday, and this year’s campaign is Environmental and Climate Literacy. Help do your part in protecting and preserving the planet by commemorating Earth Day with a special gift to Mother Earth. No, we’re not talking about financial donations. The gift should be about giving back… in other forms of green.

Kids especially should learn that their habits have a ripple effect on the environment. Every piece of paper we toss, the water we leave running and the lights glowing in empty rooms all have an impact on the Earth. Our carbon footprints are vast, and many of us don’t have a clue how big our footprint has expanded.

This Earth Day live a green life. Celebrate the Earth by taking active steps to preserve the environment, not destroy it. Here are simple ways you and your family can show some green love to Mother Earth this Saturday:

  1. Plant a green life.

Trees, plants, shrubs. What you plant isn’t the point. Every green life takes carbon dioxide from the air and releases life-giving oxygen into the atmosphere. Every plant helps the climage and aids the Earth…and everything living on the planet. Pick a favorite flower, succulent or tree, and nurture it within the soil.

  1. Recycle.

According to an article in The Atlantic, in 2012 the people of the world were estimated to produce “2.6 trillion pounds of garbage — the weight of about 7,000 Empire State Buildings.” That’s a ton of trashing wasting away in landfills across the globe. Reduce waste and begin a recycling campaign. Use colorful bins to sort cans, glass and paper products—all of which can be recycled and given a new life.

  1. Walk and bike.

Cars emit gas fumes that pollute the air. Celebrate Earth Day and give the air a break. Take a bike or walk to local stores and events. Or carpool. Even reducing the number of cars on the highway helps clear the air.

  1. Reduce water usage.

Turn off faucet while brushing teeth or washing hands. Set timers for showers and lower the amount of bathwater used for washing…after all, the bathtub isn’t a pool! Conserve precious water by only washing full loads of laundry and fixing leaking faucets.

Earth Day - Conserve Water Faucets, Man Photo

  1. Reuse.

Reduce waste from plastic water bottles by purchasing re-usable bottles for take-away beverages. Opt for glass or BPA-free plastic bottles for kids.

  1. Don’t be a litterbug.

Help keep the world around you clean. Visit local parks and pick up trash…recycling waste where applicable. Remove floating trash from creeks and streams (be sure kids can swim and are supervised near water).

Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day this Year - Pickup Trash Streams

  1. Eat less meat.

According to Earth Day’s website, “the meat industry is responsible for approximately 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.” Go meatless on Earth Day and try to limit meat to once per week from here on out. If everyone reduced their meat intake, we could all make a huge impact on lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Each person can make a profound impact on our climate and our world through small actions each and every day. The way we live has the ability to increase or decrease our carbon footprint on Mother Earth. Think green and implement small changes in daily habits to preserve our planet for the next generation. Earth Day is one day out of the year, but we can use this day to plant the seeds for a greener and eco-savvy way of life.

By Naomi Shaw

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