Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming soon, and the woman who brought you into this world deserves to be showered with love, presents and pampered with a day to relax. While the typical Mother’s Day celebration includes flowers and brunch and maybe a homemade gift from little ones, all mothers enjoy a little creativity from kids (and the husband).

While, yes, roses and carnations are beautiful and brunch or even breakfast in bed offers a tasty wake-up to the morning, there are so many other ways to celebrate mom this year! Opt for gifts and surprise gestures that catch her off guard — in a good way!

Need a bit of gift-giving inspiration? Check out these unique ways to honor mom on her special day:

Plan all the meals!

Brunch or breakfast is a nice treat. But mom really deserves the day off. Plan an entire day where mom doesn’t have to lift a single finger in the kitchen. Treat her to breakfast, lunch and dinner out or plan a menu for the day. She will love not having to deal with meal planning for the day. Be sure to clean-up the kitchen… the cook should also clean!

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother's Day - Breakfast in Bed

Treat her to a Spa Day.

Every woman loves being pampered. And moms everywhere are so used to cleaning bathrooms, mopping up everyone’s messes (don’t even get us started on the toilets!) and taking care of everyone in the family. Mom needs a break. And a massage. Perhaps a mani, pedi and hair trim, too. You get the point! A day at the spa is serene, relaxing and oh so divine. Give her a choice of her favorite spa indulgences and then send her off for an entire day to just focus on her.

Crazy coupons.

No, we are in no way suggesting that you clip out grocery coupons! Make her a coupon book filled with little treats that mean the world to her. Offer to cook dinner, give her the evening alone, a day without laundry. Whatever she really hates, offer to take over…and give her the coupon to exchange for your services!

She’s the ‘star’.

For the woman that has everything, give her a little piece of the universe with a star that is named in her honor. This is a touching and out-of-this-world way to show your love and appreciation for her.

Indulge her sweetness.

Does she love candy and sweets? Send her a personalized cookie bouquet in lieu of the traditional blooms. Or go really sweet and send her a box of her favorite candies each month for the entire year!

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother's Day - Children Candy Sweets

Create photo memories.

Some of the best presents are the gifts given from the heart. Personally, as a mom, I love nothing more than hand prints pressed on baked clay, homemade paper flowers and handwritten cards with the sweetest spelling errors etched in crayon. Of course, every mom also loves photos of her favorite people—her spouse and kids. Make her a photo album filled with all her most cherished memories. Have younger kids add their own special art to the pages!

While flowers and brunch are the traditional way to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day, opt for unique gifts and surprises to create a more personalized approach to her holiday. Gifts from the heart speak loudly, and creativity goes a long way. Of course, all moms love a day of pampering… and away from the annoying daily tasks like cooking. Sometimes, however, the best gift that any mom can receive is a little extra rest and a lot of hugs!

By Naomi Shaw

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