Confetti Girl Celebration Party Cards

Bright and girly happiness bursts from her invitation to start her party with a smile! These confetti girl celebration party cards, custom colored in pink, purple and blue to match her event style, use a dramatic black & white backdrop and border contrast to highlight the accent colors. Plenty of balloons, a festive cake, graduation hat & diploma graphics add to the theme. Change, remove and / or recolor them as you wish.

Switch out the confetti patterned border to a solid color or another pattern as desired, or simply recolor that as well. The numbers (“18” and “2017”) are changeable to suit any age. Adapt the wording for simply a birthday party, a fun graduation open house, or any other occasion.

See more ideas and order this design with any changes that you wish, when you visit the product page here: Celebration Cake Graduation Card. Simply pick this version as your starting design in the form if you like it.

Confetti Girl Celebration Party Cards - Bright Pink, Purple Blue Invitation

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