Company Holiday Party Planning Ideas

Hosting a corporate Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday party can be a challenge indeed. Most of your staff will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their family and friends. So, how do you make a time that your staff can relax and enjoy themselves for an hour or two and let the stress of the busiest retail season disappear? Here are some company holiday party planning ideas to help with your event!Company Holiday Party Planning Ideas - Event Season

When to have your business party?

The answer to this is probably fairly obvious… not on Thanksgiving or too close to Christmas Day. It should be a time when the majority of your staff can participate – but be close enough to the holiday to make it feel genuine. If your company will be open on Thanksgiving for whatever reason, then another idea might be to have a smaller celebration, for those who are sacrificing time with family and friends to get ready for the onslaught of Black Friday. Just remember to always look at party timing from the guests’ point of view. A mid-day party the day before Thanksgiving or a smaller lunch time celebration the day of, depending on your office hours, might be the ideal time slot.

Where to have the office party?

Depending on your budget, you may be able to afford a venue to get outside of the office. If that is one of your options, make sure it is easily accessible and a short distance away. Most restaurants have a private room you can rent, as do hotels, entertainment venues such as cinemas and so on. For smaller budgets or if leaving the office is not a possibility, think of a room that would be great for people to socialize in, but still feels out of the normal traffic of the office work day, allowing everyone to relax and celebrate!

What to eat at this company party?Company Holiday Party Planning Ideas - Event Season

One tradition that absolves the party planner from being the one responsible for the horrid green jello dish with bits of celery and cabbage in it, is to have a BYOD or Bring Your Own Dish rule for the party! Just remember to require that the dishes be labeled with any ingredients that are common allergens such as peanuts, dairy, etc. If you have office workers that have serious allergic reactions to different types of food, then those labels will be a must.

If you have the budget to have the meal catered, then find out what allergies are in play from your co-workers and be sure to let the caterer know. Then, they can prepare a few dishes that will be especially for those with sensitive stomachs.

How to let people know about the corporate party?

Festive holiday party invitations can set the mood for the party before it even begins. While it may be thrifty to copy a piece of paper and stick it on everyone’s desk or in the break room, this also lets your co-workers know exactly how much effort you are putting into this holiday business party. Thankfully, this is where we have you covered. No matter what the party theme, color or decorations are, we can customize any design on our site to fit your holiday party event. Browse our Christmas party invitation design galleries to see more ideas and inspiration!

Company Holiday Party Planning Ideas - Event Season

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