Colorful Boy Noah’s Ark Shower Invitations

“Two little feet to greet… our sweet baby boy we can’t wait to meet!” These colorful boy Noah’s Ark shower invitations use a watery blue backdrop to remind us of the Great Flood, with a burnt orange border pattern from the rainbow. Your baby boy’s name is accented in a scripty font and orange color, with the invitation line and mommy-to-be’s name in all the colors of the rainbow. Plenty of animals perch two-by-two on the ark along with Noah and the rainbow to start off your shower theme properly, with cute animals peeking around the edges of the invitation as your custom text allows.

See more ideas & customize this card in any colors you wish here: Noah’s Ark Baby Shower Invitation (simply request the blue & orange animals version in the notes field if desired).

Colorful Boy Noah's Ark Shower Invitations - Watery Blue Great Flood


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