Classic Rock Birthday Invitations

Tire tread patterns in metal washed colors add to the grunge look for your guy’s classic rock birthday invitations! All serious rock stars use their own personalized wording & fonts, and this card is no exception. Flat head and Phillips screws are accent graphics that surround all of your party text, which is accented in bold red for your guy’s name and his “birthday” (we can also change that to another occasion if you wish!). If your event venue is booked in different colors, we can match them as well, the red, the cream and the metal colors can all be changed if you prefer. Optional rock-style wings to accent your name can be removed or changed to other graphics depending on your birthday style.

See more ideas for your own celebration & order these classic rock birthday invitations here: Vintage Garage Birthday Invitation.

Classic Rock Birthday Invitations - Guy's Metal Grunge Look


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