Cinnamon Winter Wedding Photo Invitation

A variation on our popular modern wedding invitations, this cinnamon winter wedding photo invitation gives a warm invitation to family and friends, to join you on the big day! The photo of you and your intended are the focus of the design, with a cinnamon red border. This is complimented with white cream colored snowflakes and winter wind swirls. An optional faux, bow-like graphic adds a dramatic touch, setting aside space at the bottom of the design for your custom wording, wedding details and other information you might want to include. If cinnamon and ivory are not your colors, everything about the design is able to be customized including words, fonts, graphics and colors.

You can see what your photo would look like in our design for free, with no obligation by placing a proof request on our product page here: Modern Square Photo Wedding Invitation.

Cinnamon Winter Wedding Photo Invitation - Warm Popular Modern

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