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Christian Children’s Music – Go Fish

Christian Children's Music - Go Fish - Good Lyrics Enjoy

Looking for good Christian music for your children? Tired of dumbed down lyrics and low quality music? You will enjoy the group, Go Fish. They have lyrics that teach with quality music that parents and children enjoy. We have enjoyed this trio for years and are delighted that they have children’s music for Lil’ Duck (he LOVES their songs) and we love listening to it! (I love it for workout music too.)

Being a musical family, vocal and instrumental quality with the good lyrics are so important and is amazing in the sounds they create with just their voices and percussion.

Using music to teach is a proven, enjoyable way to memorize, so you need to listen to the new spin on a classic Sunday school activity – memorizing the books of the Bible in the song titled “Bible Book Bop”. What fun!

Dads, here is a tip for a special Mother’s Day gift she will never forget – have the children learn “The Mom Song” which was inspired by the group’s participation at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) conventions. And if you want tears, listen to the song, “You’re My Little Girl”. For a new baby, try “Welcome to the World”.

Visit Go Fish on Amazon to listen to sample sound clips and/or download this delightful songs.

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