Children’s Winter Birthday Themes

‘Tis the season for children’s laughter, merriment, and beautiful parties! A special theme makes your party memorable that the kids will be talking about for a long time – here are some of our favorite children’s winter birthday themes and children’s birthday invitation design suggestions. We can also change all of the wording, graphics & colors on any of our designs to suit your own child’s birthday party theme!


  1. Penguin (Icy Penguin Collage Birthday Invitation)
  2. Winter one-derland (Winter One-derland Birthday Invitation)
  3. Rustic snowman
  4. Shabby chic winter
  5. Winter fairytale (Winter Fairytale Birthday Party Invitation)
  6. Pink snowflake
  7. Snow-princess (Snow Princess Pink Invitation)
  8. Snowball
  9. Pink snowgirl
  10. Blue snowman
  11. Polar bear (Polar Bear Birthday Invitation)
  12. Winter friends (Winter Buddies Birthday Invitation)
  13. Ice skating
  14. Skiing
  15. Sledding
  16. Ice fishing
  17. Snowflake monkey
  18. Elegant snowflakes (Chic Winter Child’s Birthday Invitation)

Holiday/Christmas Season

  1. Gingerbread cookie (Gingerbread Holiday Birthday Invitation)
  2. Christmas candies (Sugarplum Candy Cane Birthday Invitation)
  3. Santa’s reindeer (Santa’s Reindeer Birthday Invitation)
  4. Holiday snowman (Three Photo Christmas Birthday Invitation)
  5. Christmas snowscape (Red & Green Holiday Collage Kids Invitation)
  6. The Nutcracker Suite
  7. Holiday Cinderella (Winter Fairytale Birthday Party Invitation – see the red & white versions)
  8. Christmas monkey
  9. St. Lucy’s Day
  10. Shabby chic Christmas
  11. Christmas tree
  12. Cookies & treats (Holiday Treat & Cookie Exchange Party Invitation)
  13. Favorite Christmas things
  14. Dreidel fun

You may also browse all of our Christmas birthday invitations and winter party cards for your own event!

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