Chic Valentine Baptism Birthday Invitation

This Valentine Baptism birthday invitation was customized for a little girl’s double celebration – her Holy Baptism and first birthday! We added a cross to suit the Holy Baptism theme, while lots of hearts and pink & purple make this undoubtedly a Valentine event. For your own use, we can change any of the graphics and patterns to suit your own taste.

You can also include up to 7 photos of your little one here: Chic Baptism Photo Invitation (just ask for the pink & purple hearts version in the notes field if you wish it).

Valentine Baptism Birthday Invitation - Little Girl's Double Hearts

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  3. Thank you for writing to us!

    At this time, the minimum number of cards we can offer is 25, so we could
    not offer you just 10 cards. This is due to the physical restrictions of
    the printing machines, which print the cards in batches of 25 on huge
    sheets of paper.

    The cost for your cards will vary depending on the size, paper
    type, and other options that you choose. Also, including a photo or not
    does not change the price at all. You can see the different prices and
    options at the product page
    here: Chic Baptism Photo Invitation.

    When you are ready to order the cards, please fill out the form with the
    wording you want and the quantity in the “notes” section of the form.

    White, unlined envelopes are complimentary with your order.

    Due to the custom nature of our business, the turnaround time varies from
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  4. I love the Chic Valentine Baptism Birthday Invitation. We are doing a double party for our daughter in late August. Please let me know the price of ordering 10 of the Chic Valentine Baptism Birthday Invitations. Do they come with envelopes? How long after I place an order would I receive them?

  5. Certainly, just click the image or link above or here to visit the product page: Chic Baptism Photo Invitation. Simply mention in the notes that you want the chic valentine design with any color, graphic or design changes that you like. Thanks!

  6. Please send me info where I can order the invitation

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