Cheerful, friendly, sweet and mostly innocent – my favorite things about Lil’ Duck!

During our errands today, I was thinking about our favorite things (the subject of the Blogging Chicks carnival tomorrow, actually). You see, Lil’ Duck’s favorites are always changing, but I’d always assumed that mine would stay the same or gradually change over time. Well, I think I’m becoming more like Lil’ Duck now, because my favorite things about him are ever-changing now as well.

When we were walking to Starbucks, as we love to do, he was so cheerful and friendly, he smiled at everyone and gave them high-fives, then sat so peacefully on his chair, drinking his soy milk & my strawberries & cream drink, and eating MY cookie and his pumpkin bread (why I even try to get anything for myself is a mystery). So I think this is one of my current favorite things, being able to take him out and just enjoy him – his friendly personality, his joy over every little thing (the “WOW, mama, rocks!!” was especially heartwarming), how BIG he is getting, and so on. He can get his own soy milk, put the straw in, climb up on the chair, then sit and drink it and hold onto it properly. He can walk everywhere with me, and seldom runs away anymore (of course after a while he gets the impish gleam in his eye….). He is so amazed by everything – in the fabric store, he has to feel every texture of fabric and yarn and ribbon, exclaiming it “smooth” or “bumpy” or “wow” – in Office Max, he was amazed by all the “markers” and by the sweet little boy who shared his monkey stickers – and in Wal-mart, he saw a little baby girl and had to make flirty eyes and scrunched up smiley-faces at her.

His daddy said last night that he wanted Lil’ Duck to stay this age forever, and while I can’t entirely agree (especially because there is chocolate on my couch AGAIN), I do wish for him to retain that joy and wonder, and to remain so sweet and friendly and mostly innocent ;). I think all of Lil’ Duck’s favorite things would take several more posts, and as my house is a mess and I need some lunch, I’m going to wait for another day to do that, although I certainly will, both for your enjoyment and for our memories!

37 thoughts on “Cheerful, friendly, sweet and mostly innocent – my favorite things about Lil’ Duck!

  1. cuteeee site ! love the baby pictures, logo, site name, concept …everything. and yes, especially the lists article ! : )


  2. Aww. That’s so sweet! Our Bean loves Starbucks too. She spends weekdays with Grannie (my MIL), while we work; and they go to Starbucks every day. The people there know her and she knows their names. So I could totally identify with your post. And also the fact that she’s growing and developing and progressing so much every day – she’ll be 2 tomorrow. :)
    You invited me over to this post from when you toured my home and I’ve been so busy I’m just now getting a chance to come over. *sigh*
    Thanks for stopping by for my home tour & for the invite over to this great post! I’ll have to come back & visit you. Hope you have a chance to visit me again soon! :)

  3. Carnival of Vanities # 202

    Party People! Welcome to the Carnival of Vanities # 202. How appropriate that the House of Narcissism and Self-Adulation (my blog) should host such an Iblisean project. [Iblis is the Muslim devil who is notoriously arrogant. He and I are related].

  4. Oooo…a mother’s love :), and a child’s reciprocal love, two precious, precious wonders. Especially after chocolate invades the whole house! Savor each stage, they’re all full of their own “favorite” memories!

  5. How very sweet! They grow up so very fast—way faster than I am ready for.
    I’m here via the Family Life Carnival

  6. You won\’t believe it right now…but one day your favorite thing will be watching them pack up and head out on their own.

  7. I know where you’re coming from. Now that Girlie Girl is 4, she’s much more well behaved when we go out. I don’t need the stroller or shopping carts anymore. She’ll just walk and we’ll hold hands. We have some great conversations together.

    BTW, even though you give them a choice, why do kids ALWAYS want to eat your food instead?

    Here via the Carnival of Family Life but I would have stopped by anyway!

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