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Carnival of the Vanities #197

Welcome to Lil’ Duck Duck & Carnival of the Vanities #197!  This is the very first time that Lil’ Duck Duck, his ducks and I – the Mama Duck – have hosted a carnival, so we had a lovely time putting it together just for you.Duck at the computer

Just a quick introduction for first-time visitors – Lil’ Duck Duck is a busy, inquisitive toddler; I am his mama, manager of the ducks. There is one particular stuffed duck that holds the highest place of honor in Lil’ Duck’s life, but he also loves all his other ducks too.

On to the carnival! First, we worked long into the night, gathering all your submissions so that nothing would be forgotten (hey, ducks make mistakes too…).

Then, we had a crazy party, which tired out Mama Duck so much that she let us, the lowly playthings of Lil’ Duck, take care of writing this carnival, with a little help from Lil’ Duck himself. *insert evil duck laughter here*

Of greatest use to the ducks while creating this carnival was the warning about micromanagement that Tam of TamsPalm-the Palm OS Blog presented in I don’t want your money, buddy.

They also enjoyed the outdoor nature of Pablo’s post at Roundrock Journal – Scruffy, which made them feel right at home.

Then Miriam at Miriam’s ideas made all of us hungry for ziti with her post, Let New Jersey be New Jersey. Ducks can eat ziti, right?? They’d be your forever friends…

Starling at The Business of America is Business knows how to scare the ducks with a giant coyote graphic – other life-forms will enjoy How do you say Wile E. Coyote in Nepalese?

In other frightening news, Aloysius of Catymology gave us Legendary Felines: Erie, white lion, great panther. Giving the ducks nightmares, are we??

However, they took comfort in reading SP#5 of the 19 Crme de la Crme Success Principles at Peter’s, as they began to believe in themselves again thanks to his encouraging and insightful principles.

This was not to last however, with Jon Swift’s mention of snakes in his article To Catch a Wannabe Terrorist. You’ll definitely shiver, but still an interesting read.

With a nicely balanced mix of guy and girl ducks, they all agreed that A. Samuel at New Off Plan Properties Blog had an excellent point about marketing to women in his article about buying property abroad.

On the issue of women, Greg at Generic Confusion gave us A New Women’s First.

The ducks were partying a little too hard last night and almost forgot to include Ghana vrs USA, an early submission by Koranteng of Koranteng’s Toli – good thing Mama Duck is around this morning to correct those errors, eh?

Chris at Dubious Profundity had interesting insights into parenting in his article – Dubious Art, and the Art of Parenting. The ducks (ok, ok, Mama Duck, but I’m NOT old…) had to use a magnifying glass to read his text, but generally agreed with his message.

Ducks need love too! Check out Paul’s post at Paul’s Tips regarding the scientific proof that we all need love, you’ll see.

Wings flapped in outrage after reading about the lack of NHS caring & sharing which Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium experienced. Perhaps NHS should have listened to Muse of me-ander’s message of unselfishness & caring in her article Thinking of Others.

They loved the message of giving and receiving in Pete’s article at My Financial Awareness, even though it was geared towards humans – Can a Rich Person be Spiritual?

In other financial news, they were also reading Free Money Finance’s article, Money Matters Between Friends. The concept of money was a little foreign to them, but they definitely understood the perils of lack of communication, which for them usually involves a trip through the washer and dryer.

On a lighter note, Stephanie at Houston Chronicle’s “FanBlog:Texans” encourages us all to be Texans fans – alas, Lil’ Duck is already loyal to the Packers.

While on the topic of sports, the ducks loved the Monk’s great story about USA Soccer: Change the guard at The Key Monk – probably because a soccer ball saves them from being kicked around. Natalia had a great sports related article as well – World Cup Blues at Unwilling Self-Negation.

They are currently using Jim Logan’s excellent article about Five Things To Make A Sale Letter Successful to craft their world-takeover letter – thanks so very much for that, Jim.

Also useful in their effort was Steve Mertz’s Sales Presentation Training, which involved a suggestion about handouts which they are already implementing – Public Speaking Tip: I Want to See Your Eyes-Not Your Back.

Continuing the helpful suggestions, Wayne at Blog Business World is helping the ducks become famous publishers with his article The Global Village: Making a difference. Oh dear.

Mama Duck was amused by David of Third World County’s rendering of daycares as socialist crches in his article, Mending Walls: Faith, Part 2, but then let the ducks take over once again.

They pondered Trash: the serious side at Sara Goldstein’s The Bargain Queen and found the combination of serious and trash to be quite amusing. Just a reminder that ducks can’t always be perfect.

The daddy of this duck family is much-loved and asked about often, so this offering by Bull Jones at The Bull Speaks! was greeted with happy cries of Da-da! that you will surely echo as you read this sweet article about a daddy home again.

They wanted to try out the video game mentioned in Up in Virtual Arms by John at hell’s handmaiden, but alas, they found the small buttons difficult to manuever.

Brandon of GT will be happy to know that his article on the Nature of Reality was written so well that the ducks now understand quantum physics.

They were amused and slightly disturbed to find Francois Tremblay’s blog to have the word “goose” in the title (Goosing the Antithesis), but concurred that all atheists would find New words for the Christians rather funny.

Lovely offerings that were useful for putting Lil’ Duck Duck to sleep:

Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority presented A Terrible Resolve – an essay on the historical comparison between American actions in the current conflict and what we’ve done in the past.

Tom Bowler at Libertarian Leanings presented Where is it? – hmmmm, interesting to Mama Duck for sure.

Jack Yoest presented Seven M’s for Military Recruiting, then Shamalama at Common Folk Using Common Sense presented Such Bad People: Islamist Terrorists or US Soldiers?Tired Lil Duck Duck

Harvey at Bad Example presented Freedom of Speech vs. not Knowing When to Shut Up.

Then Jean de la Valette at Western Resistance presented Occupied Byzantium: Denigrating Dervishes Dance on Image of Christ, and the World Yawns.

Steve Faber at Debt Free kept his article short and sweet – Irony From the Terrorists. Maybe the little one will wake up after all…

Watcher at Watcher of Weasels presented Kerry Throws His Magic Hat Into the Ring. Hmmmm.

Francois Tremblay presented The Radical Libertarian: It’s about your freedom, stupid posted at The Radical Libertarian.

Paula Gregorowicz presented 7 Keys to Cultivating Magic and Innovation at Coaching4Lesbians.

Finally, a short and sweet entry, Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane’s Notables presented New Yawkers Are Polite — So There!

Methinks Lil’ Duck would have appreciated these if he was closer to 5 years old ;).

However, we were all amused by Trent’s slow news day at Stock Market Beat.

That’s all for this week’s Carnival of the Vanities – the ducks are exhausted!

If you’re interested in hosting, it looks like there are some openings for future editions. Be sure to submit your entries for next week’s carnival at The Business of America Is Business using either the Blog Carnival’s or Conservative Cat’s submission form.

Thanks for visiting – feel free to poke around our little world here at Lil’ Duck Duck before you go!

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