Gender Neutral & Unisex Styles

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Share the Surprise with Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations & Unisex Shower Cards


A sweet surprise is welcomed on your gender neutral baby shower invitations, designed in unisex colors just for your own sweet bundle of joy! These unisex invite cards are personalized with the custom colors, graphics, patterns & wording that match your celebration needs. Make a unique neutral design by combining ideas from 2 or more of these custom cards. You can always use any of our personalized baby shower cards and then have us customize them as a surprise greeting or for a gender neutral party invite.


We custom create your design to fit your own mommy-to-be – match your expected baby’s nursery decor, or your party theme, or be inspired by a favorite outfit or trend. Yes, any of these can even be gender reveal party invitations, as we use only the wording that you provide. Need wording ideas? Check out our surprise & gender neutral invitation wording for baby shower cards.