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Gentle Snow Anniversary Invitation


“Like a gentle snow on a Winter’s Day, we want to bless them with expressions of love and blessings at their Silver Anniversary Party!” Custom-colored in frosty aqua and icy gray, this square gentle snow anniversary invitation can be used for any wedding celebration year. The frozen aqua blue and gray colors are customizable, and we can also change any of the snowflake swirl graphics and the fonts for you. Just write your custom requests on the Chic Winter Anniversary Invitation page when personalizing this design for your own special event. For a beautiful set, we can match these return address labels & thank yous to […]

November 14, 2014 by The Crane

Sprinkle Leaves 40th Anniversary Card


A sprinkling of leaves gives this anniversary party invitation a beautiful fall look! Distressed background patterns and swirls accent your 1-3 photos on this sprinkle leaves 40th anniversary card, which we can leave in original color or tint in sepia, which mixes beautifully with these autumn tones of brown and red. To include more party wording or more photos on the back, have it printed on flat cardstock. You can also personalize the colors and change the border pattern to suit your own taste when you fill out the form at the Ruby Square 40th Anniversary Card product page.

October 21, 2014 by The Crane

Deep Love Autumn Anniversary Invitation


Deep, autumnal tones of gold and brown celebrate the deep love of a very special couple! Elegant leaves on this deep love autumn anniversary invitation swirl around custom wording, and we can personalize this with 1-2 photos of the couple (in original color or classic sepia). You can reword this 50th wedding anniversary invitation for a vow renewal ceremony, mass, party, or any of your celebration needs. Visit the product page to request your custom version of this design at: Autumn Golden 50th Anniversary Invitation. For a beautiful set, pair with our autumn thank yous which we can match to your invitation as needed […]

October 4, 2014 by The Crane

Folded Gold 50th Anniversary Party Invitation

Festive Gold 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Invitation

Celebrate your golden wedding event with this custom folded gold 50th anniversary party invitation! This personalized, uniquely festive card is hinged along the top edge, length wise, and features 4 panels for you to give a customized invitation as well as the details of the anniversary party. The front panel is covered with printed streamers and confetti, proclaiming the couple’s names and date of the party. The inside top panel features a simple, yet eye catching pattern accented with a flowing script font giving family and friends the personalized invitation message you want to send to family and friends. A […]

August 17, 2014 by Daddy Creature

Festive 20th Anniversary Party Invitation


Deep purple and silver-gray pair together in lovely elegance for this festive 20th anniversary party invitation! Celebrating 20 years of happiness, joy and love, the beauty of lasting marriage is welcomed on this custom design which can be reworded to suit any wedding year, whether 5 years, 15, 30 or 70! The deep purple, silver-gray, white & black colors can be changed to suit your own personal taste, wedding year or party decorations as needed (we can match to a photo of the decor if you wish). The streamer, confetti, and floral motif graphics can also be changed, as everything […]

August 3, 2014 by MamaDuck

Three Photo 50th Anniversary Luncheon Card


This three photo 50th anniversary luncheon card cordially invites all your guests to share in the lovely celebration! For a fine look back fifty years, a vintage wedding photo is flanked by two more recent photos (which were converted to sepia to keep the focus on the wedding photo in this case, but also could be left in color if you wish). Personalized text in an elegant, yet easy to read block-style font shares your event details, which can be customized to any type of occasion as needed. The golden & deep brown colors can be changed to suit your […]

July 17, 2014 by MamaDuck