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Snowy Quinceanera Celebration Card

Celebrate 15 incredible years in fabulous winter style! The wording on this snowy Quinceanera celebration card invitation is all customizable to your party needs, wrapping your guests in warm love like a woolen sweater! The soft charcoal gray & red colors and fonts can also be personalized if your style desires. A bow graphic adds a touch of drama to your Quinceañera event, and the swirl graphics can also be removed from the inside edges. Even the snowflake pattern for the border […]


Shamrock Celtic Cross Baptism Invitation

“May God grant you always–a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you…” This no-photo version of our Irish green baptism invitation uses a Celtic cross as the centerpiece with your wording and pretty shamrocks arranged around it. All of the wording for this shamrock Celtic cross Baptism invitation design is customizable for twins or a baptism & birthday celebration, and we can also create this design with 1, 3, or […]


Snow Rose Mis Quince Invitation

A frosted sweet 15 event! This fashionable winter quinceañera invitation features your 1-3 photos, although those are optional as we can even create this design without any photos. For your own snow rose Mis Quince invitation design, warm rosy colors pair with ice-gray snowflakes, frosty swirls, and a sweet ribbon graphic to accent your photos, which we can leave in original color or tint in black & white, as shown here. The colors and fonts are customizable to your personal […]


Shamrock Magic Save The Date Card

A magical Irish wedding is planned, and this wedding save the date card is a memorable way to notify your friends and family! For your own shamrock magic save the date card design, the window of the carriage can hold an engagement photo, surrounded by festoons of shamrocks and royal fonts. An optional bow and ribbon-like graphic adds beauty and fairytale elegance to the top of the green coach, along with a lovely shamrock & heart accent. When this Irish design […]


Sweet Sixteen Snow Photo Invitation

Winter snowflakes lend beauty to your winter sweet sixteen party! Your beautiful face is the highlight of this sweet sixteen snow photo invitation, and we can tint your photo in cool black & white, if you prefer. A dramatic bow graphic and swirled snowy borders accent your birthday photo, and we can change the dusky gray tones to any colors you wish. This design was themed for a lovely charcoal and ivory snow-themed event, a fun twist on traditional black & […]


Sweet Irish Fairytale Baptism Invitation

It’s time for your wee folk’s fairytale baptism! An enchanted carriage, decked with shamrocks, is the centerpiece of this sweet Irish fairytale Baptism invitation, and we can change the lavender and green colors to your personal taste. A flowery background and custom font give this a royal look, and you can completely reword this for any age and Irish-themed event. For instance, the “Irish Fairytale Baptism Celebration” can be changed to suit a Christening, Dedication, double Baptism & birthday event, or other party […]