New Orleans Quinceanera Masquerade Invitation


Ever wanted to celebrate a la Mardi Gras style? Your once in a lifetime quinceañera party celebration is the perfect opportunity! This New Orleans quinceanera masquerade invitation sets the tone for your event with a fancy mask graphic and other details like sequin and streamer graphics (all printed flat onto the design). The black, blue, golden and silver-gray colors can be changed to match your event colors. Personalized wording is all designed to suit any occasion that meets your needs, so you can use this…

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Malaga Masquerade Quinceanera Invitation


Bold, dark, and sweet like a glass of Spanish Malaga wine! This sweet 15 malaga masquerade Quinceanera invitation sets the tone for your quinceañera with an elegant mask and other themed graphics like sequins and streamers. A wine-colored background and accents match the birthday girl’s dress, although we can completely change the colors to match your own gown. You can request your own version of this design & see more ideas on the Dramatic Mask 15th Birthday Invitation page as needed.

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Berry Delight Masked Sweet Sixteen Invitation

“A once in a lifetime event we want you to share… Join us to delight in the joy of her Sweet Sixteen!” Flowing script, sequin gold and purple accents compose this dramatic berry delight masked Sweet Sixteen invitation! The Venetian mask sets the stage for the event, complete with soft blossoms, feathered accents and gold sequin-like streamers behind (all printed flat onto this design). A lovely font spells out your custom worded verse on top of a sunlit background that sends your invitation to family…

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Sequin Style Teal Sweet Sixteen Invitation

Invite family and friends to a once in a lifetime celebration with streamer-like graphics on your own sequin style teal sweet sixteen invitation! A dramatic Venetian mask sets the stage for your 16th birthday celebration, using golden and teal blue accents on a black backdrop with glamorous sequins, rosettes and other graphics (all printed flat onto the design along with the mask graphic). Your own custom invitation wording is on display on the right hand side. This is including the personalized details for your party…

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Magnificent Masquerade Sweet 15 Invitation


Your magnificent party needs a showstopping invitation! Fancy masks and wine-red accents set the stage on this magnificent masquerade sweet 15 invitation design for your wonderful party. We can change the marsala-red, aqua, and golden colors to match your party décor, and you can customize all of the wording to suit your own masquerade event. You can personalize this card design and see more ideas on the Sweet 15 Masquerade Invitation page. For style that’s a cut above everyone else, check out our masquerade address labels, thank yous & insert cards,…

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Bordeaux Masquerade 15th Birthday Invitation


Here’s a fancy bordeaux masquerade 15th birthday invitation for your fancy party! Feathered masks, golden swirls, a swirled wine border, and more get your guests ready for an unforgettable evening. We custom-colored this design with marsala red, cream, and golden colors, although we can recolor anything to your personal taste. The graphics can also be changed to suit another party them as needed and the wording be personalized to suit another age or event style. You can request your custom version of this design on…

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Merlot Masquerade Sweet 16 Invitation


This merlot masquerade sweet 16 invitation brings your guests masked and dressed to impress! A swirled marsala colored border surrounds the wording and fabulous masks. These are also custom-colored in the pantone color of the year, along with ecru, dark green, and golden colors.  Your unique masquerade ball wording allows you to use this invitation for any age and any Mardi Gras party, masquerade, or fancy dress gala. We can also change the colors to suit your own event needs when you fill out the…

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Mystique Blue Sweet 16 Invitation

For a sweet sixteen birthday party, we custom-colored this masquerade mystique blue sweet 16 invitation in mysterious tones of blue. A fabulous mask adds to the mystique of this celebration card design. Since everything is printed flat onto the paper of your choice, we can tweak any of the graphics for you. The wording can be completely changed for any party and any age, and the pacific blue and soft gray colors can be changed to match your party decor. See more ideas when you…

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Mardi Gras masquerade invitations for your masked party event. Here are some of the February ball, business & company Mardi Gras invitation cards we have created for custom masked masquerade events. You will also find many teen birthday magical night invitations which can be reworded & changed to suit any style of party.