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Children’s Winter Birthday Themes


‘Tis the season for children’s laughter, merriment, and beautiful parties! A special theme makes your party memorable that the kids will be talking about for a long time – here are some of our favorite children’s winter birthday themes along with a matching children’s birthday invitation design suggestion. We can also change all of the wording, graphics & colors on any of our designs to suit your own child’s birthday party theme! Winter Penguin (Icy Penguin Collage Birthday Invitation) Winter one-derland (Winter One-derland Birthday Invitation) Rustic snowman (Photo Twin Snowman Birthday Invitation) Shabby chic winter (Shabby Chic Winter Birthday Invitation) […]

December 15, 2014 by The Crane

Snowy 5th Birthday Party Invitation

Snowy 5th Birthday Party Invitation - Happy Winter Guests

This snowy 5th birthday party invitation design uses a happy hand-drawn style snowman to greet your guests in winter style! A soft chalkboard styled backdrop adds girly style along with a small photo framed with snowy white. Shades of red & teal blue add warmth and interest, and can be customized to match your own favorite colors, party decorations or anything else. The wording can also be changed to suit any age of party and any type of winter event as needed. See more ideas for your own winter celebration on the product page here: Chalkboard Snowman Birthday Invitation.

November 18, 2014 by MamaDuck

Pink Butterfly Flower Birthday Invitation

Pink Butterfly Flower Birthday Invitation - Polka Dotted Butterflies

“She is so sweet & so much fun, Our little lady is turning 1!” This pink butterfly flower birthday invitation uses lots of polka dotted butterflies to flutter around and greet all your guests with glee. Personalized text can be changed to suit any age of celebration, and like this design that we changed from ladybugs to butterflies, any of the graphics can be changed to match your party decorations. The sunny pink, green & yellow colors match the starburst and dotted patterns, and can also be customized as needed. We can even include 1-2 small photos of your birthday […]

November 16, 2014 by MamaDuck

Sweet Sugarplum Birthday Invitation


Sweeten up your guests with this sugarplum holiday birthday party invitation! Candy pink colors, a gingerbread house, candy canes, and more bring smiles to everyone’s faces for this sweet sugarplum birthday invitation, and you can feature just 1 or up to 3 photos of your little one. All of the wording is customizable to any age and holiday party, and the soft pastel colors can be custom-matched to your own party decor or personal taste. See more ideas and request your own personalization of this card when you fill out the form on the Sugarplum Candy Cane Birthday Invitation page (if […]

November 7, 2014 by The Crane

Rough Holiday Snow Twin Birthday Invitation


Red and green snowflakes fall wildly on this rough holiday snow twin birthday invitation, perfect for celebrating two rough-and-tumble boys and their December birthday! We can change the red, green, and pale gray Christmas colors for you, and we can also personalize this design with a small photo of your twins. The “Deck the Halls with love…” verse along with all of the other text can also be changed to suit your own celebration, along with the font stylings. Just write your requests in the Notes section on the Winter Snowflakes Twin Birthday Invitation page. For fun matching details, pair with our […]

November 6, 2014 by The Crane

Baby Butterfly Garden Party Invitation


It’s going to be a beautiful butterfly garden party! Usually, we design this custom baby butterfly garden party invitation card with ladybugs, but for a butterfly party, we replaced the ladybugs with baby-sized butterflies. All of the wording on this sweet raspberry hued design is customizable, so you can use this for any age of child or for twins. We can also further personalize this design with a small photo of the birthday girl. When printed on cardstock, additional text, photos or room to handwrite can be shared (flat or folded options available). To request your custom version of this […]

November 4, 2014 by The Crane