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Bridal Shower Invitations customized for your bride-to-be’s wedding party card needs.


Timeless Fall Bridal Shower Invitations

Vintage patterns… journal-style graphics & hand-drawn flower motif accents add to the theme for your timeless fall bridal shower invitations! A simple greeting welcomes guests and shares with them that “You are invited… to a Bridal Shower for the Bride-to-Be!” The wording can be changed to anything that suits your own needs, and the rest of the text as well, which includes party details, RSVP and registry information if desired. Fall leaves add a nod to the autumn event and […]

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Green Autumn Bridal Shower Masquerade Invitation

A burnt orange & green autumn bridal shower masquerade invitation design was custom matched to the bride-to-be’s wedding colors for a beautiful effect! Autumn shades can be changed to suit your own wedding and the leafy graphics removed to suit another season of masquerade event if needed. Custom wording can be used for any engagement or wedding party, such as an engagement party celebration or a wedding reception event. When printed on cardstock, additional text, photos or room to handwrite […]

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Teal Leaves Bridal Shower Invitations

Custom-matched to a color swatch from the bridesmaids’ dresses, these teal leaves bridal shower invitations also use autumn shades of maroon, green, brown and deep ivory. The deep blue color is used in the framing between the border pattern and the text area, as well as in the elegant script font for the bride-to-be’s name and in the leafy swirl graphic accent patterns. The rest of the text is kept in a rounded, modern print font style in maroon and […]

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Teal Couple Recipe Shower Invitation Set

This whimsical orange & teal couple recipe shower invitation set pairs fun graphics with artistic print and custom wording for your special wedding event! To suit this painting event, we matched the wedding colors from a provided photo and alternated the fun orange with deep teal and artist’s charcoal in the text colors. The personalized text can all be changed to suit your own custom event for any type of engagement, bridal or other wedding party as needed. See more […]

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Green Country Rustic Bride Shower Card

A green country rustic bride shower card design, with softly fluttering coral pink butterflies on a distressed ivory backdrop, welcomes guests to your woodsy bridal shower party in style! Customize the coral pink and leafy green colors to suit your own party tones, as even the wood-like patterned background can be changed to another deep color that suits your needs. The script and print fonts can be changed if you prefer, and all of the wording can be customized to […]

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Green Swirl Autumn Bridal Shower Invitation

Fall leaves float around this design, just inside weathered, deep brown edges in a green swirl autumn bridal shower invitation. Custom-colored for a mossy green and deep brown event, we matched images of party decor that include beautifully natural autumn leaves, moss and branches for the centerpieces, with golden tableware and accents. Elegant script highlights the bridal shower occasion and the bride’s name, which is also highlighted in a slightly lighter hue, while the rest of the text is kept […]

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Retro Ingredients Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation

For a successful marriage, prepare the bride-to-be with this retro ingredients kitchen bridal shower invitation! Custom squares border the design in red, tan and cream, with bold black accents to anchor the design and outline the custom pantry graphics. Retro style script is used for the top verse, which can be customized to anything you wish for a unique design, along with the “What’s for dinner?” classic question and the bride-to-be’s name in red. All of the party details and […]

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Special Time Clock Bridal Shower Invitations - Turquoise Damask Party

Special Time Clock Bridal Shower Invitations

Washed, dark turquoise damask patterns make an elegant backdrop for your special time clock bridal shower invitations! For an around the clock party theme, custom wording was used to remind guests what a wonderful, special time it is for the bride-to-be and that the clock is ticking down to her special day. Since this card was printed on our FSC certified flat card stock, they were able to handwrite the time for each guest (which signified the hour when the […]

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