Princess Coral Wedding Shower Invitations

Coral & Golden Princess Bridal Shower Invitations

Her royal gold princess coral wedding shower invitations let everyone celebrate a dream come true! Magical glitter-like framing surrounds the fantasy Cinderella style coach. A custom coral ombre fade adds to the dreamy carriage look, with golden accents for the trim and wheels. Fairy dust stars light up the background in dreamy style. Next, alternating shades of gold, dark golden brown and coral pink highlight your personalized text. Switch out the wording to suit your own bride-to-be – this one is having a Princess Fairytale…

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Lovely Flower Rosette Bridal Shower Event Design

Flower Rosette Bridal Shower Invitation - Navy Blue & Peach

Navy blue and peach come together for her lovely flower rosette bridal shower event design! Golden accents add warmth and elegance. Find them in the delicate polka dots of the border, then the bold outline of the text backdrop, and finally as one of the text colors. Beautiful ribbon-like graphics “tie” together the card, with a lacy rosette image in a matching peach color (everything printed flat onto the design). Special, personalized wording invites your guests to “shower the bride-to-be before her name changes to…

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Avant-Garde Flower Bridal Shower Cards

Dainty Flower Bridal Shower Cards - Feminine Lace

A modern take on feminine lace borders her avant-garde flower bridal shower cards! Fanciful swash font styles the names of your bride and groom-to-be along with your exact occasion (a bridal shower is celebrated here). Her bold wedding colors of deep aqua, bright pink & rich gold are brought together on a backdrop of off-white to celebrate their beauty! Petals, lace and ribbons inspire the graphic accents in the corners, which can all be switched out to suit your own wedding style. Have different wedding…

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Blushing Bridal Shower Invitations

Blushing Bridal Shower Invitations - Boho Flower

Delicate flowers & butterflies in trendy chic colors celebrate the wonderful lady who is soon to be married! For her blushing bridal shower invitations, rich gold, coral and teal blue dance atop a cream patterned backdrop. Fanciful leaves and vines run around the side of this design, with delicate little butterflies flirting with perches atop them. Flower-like graphics boldly accent the bottom and highlight the three main wedding colors, with shabby chic golden paint effects and diamond-like little jewel graphics sprinkled liberally atop them. Personalize…

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Red Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower Invitation

Champagne Brunch Shower Invitation in Red & Gray

Want to hint at the Valentine season without going overboard with hearts and kisses? This bride did exactly that, using a gray & red champagne brunch bridal shower invitation design to accent her theme. Since it is also near the Mardi Gras season, her decor includes delicate masquerade masks, complete with feathers and faux jewels. Including a lovely goblet with the masks, in the red and gray theme colors, celebrates the champagne glass occasion in understated style. Traditional wording lets guests know that they are…

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Retro Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Shower Invite

Teal, Golden & Purple Indoor Outdoor Shower Invite

This retro indoor outdoor kitchen shower invite in teal, golden & purple echoes your party colors and starts off the event in fun style! A cute verse at the top adds just the right amount of sweetness for the bride-to-be. “The ingredients for a successful marriage: a whole lot of love, a dash of spice and lots of answers to What’s for dinner? You’re invited to an Indoor / Outdoor Kitchen Shower for the Bride & Groom to be!” Change this wording to suit any…

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Light Autumn Bridal Shower Invitations

Light Autumn Bridal Shower Invitations - Custom RSVP Wording

Soft as falling leaves, these light autumn bridal shower invitations welcome everyone to celebrate with your lovely bride-to-be! Vine-like tendrils curl out from a circular frame, surrounded by a hand-painted style border in sunset oranges. Leaf graphics fall around the outside of the frame for a lovely effect, in matching orange colors. To match her wedding colors & keep a gentle look, a light creamy ivory backdrop is used. Change these colors to match your own wedding day or event decorations as needed. Then, all…

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Fanciful Gray Flower Bridal Shower Cards

Mod Gray Flower Bridal Shower Cards

Lovely blossoms cascade around personalized text for your fanciful gray flower bridal shower cards! Soft shades of yellow are used for a light, hand-drawn style frame graphic, accenting the custom wording. Lovely cherry blossom florals branch off of the frame, in soft pastel hues that can be changed to match your own party style. Change these colors along with the text to match your own bride-to-be’s shower style or any other occasion. For this particular card, traditional wording shares with guests that “You are invited…

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Bridal Shower Invitations customized for your bride-to-be’s wedding party card needs. Spring wedding bridal shower card designs for your engagement parties.