Bridal Shower Invitations

Black, Gold & Silver Royal Bridal Shower Cards

Lovely Royal Bridal Shower Event Cards

Classic gold & silver colors highlight her lovely royal bridal shower event cards. A white backdrop provides a light, airy feel to match your theme. Or, a black backdrop adds magical mystery and lovely contrast. Either way, her guests are drawn into celebrating a royal shower event before she goes from Miss to Mrs! To […]

Sunny He Picked Her Apple Wedding Card

Sunny Autumn Apple Shower Invitation

She is the apple of her groom-to-be’s eye and a lovely fall treasure to be celebrated! This sunny autumn apple shower invitation wraps the bride-to-be in warm sunshine colors. We picked out for her some elegant fonts, just to share her bridal shower information. Personalize the sunny goldenrod, green, red & dark brown colors along […]

Blue Tiara Crown Princess Bridal Shower Invitation

Blue Tiara Crown Princess Bridal Shower Invitation

Her gold & Cinderella blue tiara crown princess bridal shower invitation draws guests to the celebration of this fairytale event! Ribbons, feathers, jewels, fairy dust and other graphics decorate a lovely tiara, the centerpiece of your bride-to-be’s card. Personalize the cream, golden & blue colors as needed – match her wedding hues, event decorations or […]


Themes for Fabulous Fall Wedding Showers

A fabulous fall theme sets your celebration apart from every other bridal shower. These themes for fabulous fall wedding showers bring elegance and love to your 2017 autumn event. Whether the bride is having a fall wedding or just a shower in the fall, a fabulous shower is a memory to treasure forever. Each theme […]

Light Champagne & Pink Fantasy Bridal Shower Cards

Champagne Fantasy Bridal Shower Card Ideas

Help her decorate her castle in royal style! For a lovely beginning to your bride-to-be’s occasion, these champagne fantasy bridal shower card ideas send elegant greetings to your guests. The first option is styled in light champagne & pink colors, and centers around a Cinderella style carriage. Trimmed in gold, elegant swirl accents highlight a […]

Blush Pink Fairytale Bride Shower Cards

Blush Pink Fairytale Bride Shower Cards

A midnight black backdrop lets these blush pink fairytale bride shower cards be dramatically royal! Plenty of golden accents, fit for a princess, add a rich feel and tie in this lovely bride-to-be’s secondary wedding color. Subtle “fairy dust” stars in the backdrop, a glitter-like pattern on the Cinderella style coach and a gentle pattern […]

Coral & Golden Princess Bridal Shower Invitations

Princess Coral Wedding Shower Invitations

Her royal gold princess coral wedding shower invitations let everyone celebrate a dream come true! Magical glitter-like framing surrounds the fantasy Cinderella style coach. A custom coral ombre fade adds to the dreamy carriage look, with golden accents for the trim and wheels. Fairy dust stars light up the background in dreamy style. Next, alternating […]

Flower Rosette Bridal Shower Invitation - Navy Blue & Peach

Lovely Flower Rosette Bridal Shower Event Design

Navy blue and peach come together for her lovely flower rosette bridal shower event design! Golden accents add warmth and elegance. Find them in the delicate polka dots of the border, then the bold outline of the text backdrop, and finally as one of the text colors. Beautiful ribbon-like graphics “tie” together the card, with […]

Bridal Shower Invitations customized for your bride-to-be’s wedding party card needs. Spring wedding bridal shower card designs for your engagement parties.