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Wooden Scarecrow Bear Shower Invitation

Warm little blankets, colorful leaves and… a wooden scarecrow bear shower invitation! This design is filled with autumn colors and graphics to welcome the coming fall babe in loving style. Sweet falling leaves, sunflowers, an adorable teddy bear scarecrow and a wooden patterned border can all be personalized to suit your own shower colors, nursery […]

Baby Footprints Pumpkin Shower Card

Sweet baby feet we can’t wait to greet… a baby footprints pumpkin shower card to begin your fall baby shower event in autumn style! This leafy pumpkin carriage reminds all of your guests that a pumpkin princess is on her way, with autumn vines curling around the golden wheels and sweet footprint graphics in the […]

Teal Woodsy Blossom Owl Shower Invitations

Bathed in soft summer sunlight, these teal woodsy blossom owl shower invitations want your guests to remember whoo is coming soon! A pink mama owl adorned with a sage green bow watches over your text, which is shared in a scripty font in alternating teal, navy blue & sage green colors. All of the wording, […]

Personalized Noah’s Ark Baby Shower Card Set

This personalized Noah’s Ark baby shower card set pairs matching invitations with adorable custom thank you notes which make lovely gifts for the parents-to-be! Rainbow patterns wash across a swirled and wavy border pattern to echo God’s promise and highlight the rainbow graphic above the Noah’s Ark graphic full of animals which is the centerpiece […]

Colorful Boy Noah’s Ark Shower Invitations

“Two little feet to greet… our sweet baby boy we can’t wait to meet!” These colorful boy Noah’s Ark shower invitations use a watery blue backdrop to remind us of the Great Flood, with a burnt orange border pattern from the rainbow. Your baby boy’s name is accented in a scripty font and orange color, […]

Girly Pink Noah’s Ark Shower Invitations

Celebrate two pink little baby girl feet with these girly pink Noah’s Ark shower invitations! Bordered in sweet wavy pink patterns, pink accents for the “Two little feet” and your mommy-to-be’s name add to the femininity and unique touches on this otherwise classic Noah’s Ark scene. A rainbow, Noah, animals in two by twos, and […]