Bug Birthday Party Activity Ideas

These bug birthday party activity ideas are great for outdoor celebrations! Little ladybug celebrations, little boy bug parties or cute spider events can all be supplemented with these games as needed:

  • Organize a bug hunt. Hide lots of plastic bugs, ants, ladybugs, etc, in your yard or party area. Give the kids “bug jars or bags” and tell the kids to find as many as they can in a certain amount of time. The prize is keeping the bugs they find!
  • Play Buzz, Buzz, Sting! (just like Duck, Duck, Goose)
  • Play “Wrap the Caterpillar” ~ organize two teams, give each a roll of toilet paper, then designate one person on each team to be the caterpillar. See who can wrap the “Caterpillar” in the cocoon the fastest!
  • Using sleeping bags or gunny sacks, have a caterpillar race between two teams
  • Pin the spider on the web
  • Fly swatter relay
  • “Web walk” (themed musical chairs)

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