Bright Yellow Poppy Wedding Shower Invitations

Bold and bright yellow poppy wedding shower invitations are bursting with wonderful welcome for your guests! Sunny yellow is balanced with warm gray against a crisp white background, perfectly paired with the bride-to-be’s wedding colors. Have us match your own wedding colors or bridal shower decorations, as all of these colors can be changed to anything that you wish.

Modern, streamlined print shares all of your details, with custom wording to suit any engagement or wedding event occasion or style needs. In this case, a simply classic, formal note is extended to tell each guest that “You are cordially invited to a Bridal Shower to honor the Bride-to-be!”. Her name is highlighted in lovely script and a sunny goldenrod color. The font styles can be changed to match your own wedding event style as well.

See more ideas & let us custom create your own design on the product page here: Poppy Wedding Shower Invitation (just pick the yellow version in the form if desired).

Bright Yellow Poppy Wedding Shower Invitations - Sunny Gray White


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