Bridal Shower Party Game Ideas

Bridal Shower Party Game Ideas - Plan Activities Bride-to-BeWe have lots of great party ideas to help you plan your bridal shower activities – here are a few bridal shower party game ideas for you. Be sure to check out our bridal shower invitations for your bride-to-be!

Who am I?
This is a popular ice breaker. Prepare index cards with the names of famous people written on them. When guests arrive, attach a card to each guest’s back. Each guest must then ask the other guests for clues to the identity of the famous person, whose name is taped to their back. To prevent cheating from clever guests trying to use a mirror, place a 2nd index card over the top and tape it like a flap.

Wedding Alphabet
The host starts with a sentence using the letter “A” to describe a wedding item or or tradition. In the sentence, she describes that she went to a wedding and brought an album. The next guest must repeat this sentence and add another item at the end of the sentence that starts with the letter “B”, such as “I went to a wedding and brought an album and bubbles.” The next guest does the same thing and adds an item starting with the letter “C”. Anyone who is unable to add a wedding related item, must drop out of the game. The person who stays alive the longest, wins the prize.

Famous Couple Charades
Have your guests separate into groups, then they should write down the names of famous couples (from current times or the past). Usually it’s only necessary to get one of the person’s names to guess the couple. Each team selects a person to act out the charade, drawing from the opposing team’s list of names. Your team members must guess who the couple is, as the appointed team member silently acts out the clues.

Bridal Word Scramble
Use about 20 words ( could be less ) that have something to do with “wedding”. The words are scrambled and everyone has 10 minutes to unscramble them. The person who unscrambles the most wins the prize. Some examples of words: bride, groom, bridesmaid, maid of honor, limousine, garter, tuxedo, flower girl, rings, shower, honeymoon, church, reception, cake, etc.

Pin the Bouquet on the Bride
Each player draws a bouquet on a small piece of paper. The guest’s name is written on the paper, and a piece of double faced or a loop of regular tape is attached to the back. A large piece of paper with the bride’s photo or caricature is placed on the wall, where each guest must try to stick their bouquet closest to her hand while blindfolded.

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