Aqua Bridal Daisy Bouquets Invitation

“A sweet blushing bride we’re celebrating, help her prepare for her big day! Join us as we shower our bride-to-be with love and new household things!” Bouquets of daisies and butterflies begin your bridal shower in sweet style! We used aqua, yellow, and pink to match this bridal daisy bouquets invitation to the party decorations, but we can completely change the colors to suit your own event.  To see more design ideas and to order this design, please see our product page here: Polka Dot Daisy Bridal Invitation.

Our matched Polka Dot Daisy Thank You Card makes a beautiful gift for the bride-to-be.

Bridal Daisy Bouquets Invitation - Daisies Aqua, Yellow, Pink

Polka Dot Daisy Return Address Stickers

3 thoughts on “Aqua Bridal Daisy Bouquets Invitation

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