Bragging on my little toddler’s latest accomplishments

Tonight, as I go through my mental list of items which I could be writing about right now, I have realized that all of them bring me back to one central idea. Not the idea that I wanted to blog about, or probably one that will fulfill the purpose that I had in mind sitting down here tonight. I wanted to sit down and write a funny, longish article about life with Lil’ Duck, something I could submit to all the carnivals and that would bring everyone here tomorrow morning to read, you get the idea. Blogging isn’t necessarily easy, and it isn’t something that will get you easy fame or fortune, much as I might want to dream otherwise, so this is why I’m going to just write about my little guy and not worry about the traffic and the carnivals and the search engines (Google, anyone?) this evening.

His first year passed in a fog of endless nursing, absolutely no sleep, and nothing ever being done. His second year began with tons of changes, us buying and moving into our first home, job changes, lifestyle changes, restructuring our whole lives, not that they already hadn’t been entirely changed since baby’s arrival. I feel that finally we are getting settled into our ever-changing life at the moment, I’m finally starting to handle staying at home with the little one and keeping the house halfway decent most of the time, and I actually have moments where I can just relax and enjoy the little guy.

You see, I wouldn’t want to return to that foggy first year, but I do think it passed by so quickly, and his second year is passing even faster, if that is possible. That’s why I’m setting aside this evening to write about all the things that I just love about him right now, to brag on him a little even.

It seems that every day he picks up several new words – he tries to say just about anything and is always asking me what the name of “dat” is. Yesterday it was “squirrel”, which came out sounding nothing like “squirrel”, but the mere attempt amazed me. That he has implicit faith that not only is this odd looking creature on the page what Mommy says it is, but also that he can understand that odd and complex sound that I am making enough for him to imitate this – and it came out reasonably well considering, something like “currel” actually – that just amazes me.

The sweet kisses at unexpected times are another wonderful thing about him right now. I can be yelling at him about his latest destruction and he can come over with a big kiss and love pats, unfazed by my disbelief and horror at the destruction his little body has unleashed upon my house. He also bestows many kisses upon his duck, unbelievably sweet. Speaking of the duck, he naturally refuses to share anything with any other child or adult, but shares everything with the duck. If he is drinking a sippy, the duck gets a sip. If he is eating, the duck gets a bite. If I’m eating – look out for the flying duck landing in my bowl. If he is playing with a toy, the duck gets to ride on it, try it out, etc.

He actually plays on his own now as well – a small miracle – oh so sweet, and the irony is that now that he does, I’m so amazed by it that I sit there watching him (nevermind all those hours that my mind has been screaming for him to just play by himself for two seconds so I can breathe). He lines up all his little zoo animals, puts them in the play swing and pushes them, sends them down the play waterslide, pushes them down the ramps on his toy garage, all while chattering about them and carrying on a running monologue.

To think that less than two years ago, he was a tiny helpless thing in my belly, and now he jumps, talks, walks, gives kisses, demolishes my entire house in under an hour, and otherwise delights us with his presence – it’s just incredible and I hate to blink, it seems he grows a little bit more everytime I do that.

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  1. That first year does go by fast – especially since it is such a blur. I love taking those “stop” moments to really take a look at my children and see them for what they are becoming and what they do. It is all so special!!!

  2. Diana #

    How sweet! I loved this post, sometimes it’s nice to kick back and read something that’s just from the heart and the mind. They certainly do grow too fast, we may as while write about it while we can! ;)

    Thanks for submitting to the Carnival of Family Life!

  3. Kailani #

    Kids are such a miracle. I look at my older daughter and can’t even remember when she was the age that the baby is now. And even though it gets easier and they get older, I still don’t want to baby to grow up!

  4. such a sweet post! we, parents, are excited to see our kids do new things but it’s bittersweet, too, because they grow up really fast.

  5. The little kisses sound precious!

  6. And it just keeps getting better (and going faster).


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