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Boy Red Wagon Thank You Card

Customized for little boys who are too small to write their own messages, this boy red wagon thank you card is smeared with mud and packed with puppies, sticks, and a wagon full of toys. We can switch out any of the toys or other graphics to suit your own family, and all of the wording is customizable as well when you fill out the form at: Red Wagon Puppy Dog Boy Thank You Card.

Boy Red Wagon Thank You Card - Mud Puppies Sticks Messages Small

The flat cardstock back is pre-printed with his own personalized message of thanks, that you can change to suit your own feelings. Room is left on the bottom for you to sign your name (or the child if he is old enough) beneath the message. “Just a card to thank you – And a few words to tell you too – The gift is so appreciated – And more so because it came from you.”

Boy Red Wagon Thank You Card - Mud Puppies Sticks Messages Small

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