Blue Elegant New Years Eve Celebration Invitation

A rich, royal blue elegant New Years Eve celebration invitation is the perfect way to start the festivities with friends and family. Ornate patterned fan graphics anchor the card on the four corners on top of a marbled, deep blue background pattern (printed flat onto the design). Light silver – gray, flowing script atop the printed pattern completes the picture with a custom invitation verse and the details of the party to follow. If blue and silver – gray are not the colors for your New Year’s Eve celebration, we can match the color for you or change it to something specific upon request. The same goes for fonts, different pattern graphic styles and anything else you may want to change about the card.

You can see this design and some sample variations when you place your free, no obligation proof request by visiting our Ring in the New Year Invitations product page (simply request the blue version in the notes field if desired).

Blue Elegant New Years Eve Celebration Invitation, Rich Royal

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