Blessed First Holy Communion Thank You Card

A blessed First Holy Communion thank you card is the perfect way to personalize your gratitude for friends and family. A custom printed ribbon with cream color and cross can be changed to any color you wish to match your child’s photo. Personalize the text with your own custom verse, or use the provided one to share your thanks. “As I received the bread and wine, I knew your prayers were joined with mine. Your love will always mean so much to me, Because you played a special part as Jesus came into my heart. Thank you for your kind gift!” The photo of your child can be changed to black & white or removed all together.

See this design and other First Holy Communion ideas with our Communion Celebration Thank You Cards. Just ask for this cream & pink version by selecting it in the form if desired.

Blessed First Holy Communion Thank You Card - Customized Photo Verse

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