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Farm Animal Pizzas – Barnyard Birthday Party Food Ideas

Barnyard Birthday Party Food Ideas – Farm Animal Pizzas! On this cute birthday party treat, the kids get to create fun animal faces on their very own mini farm animal pizzas! Ingredients: – English muffins (split in half) and pizza sauce – toppings (sliced pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, etc.) – cheese slices You’ll also need a (dull) butter knife for each guest and a cookie sheet. Give each child an English muffin half and ask everyone to spread on some pizza […]


Ice Cream Piglets – Farm Birthday Party Food Ideas

Farm Birthday Party Food Ideas – Ice Cream Piglets! These little piggies are made of ice cream and they’re bound to delight your guests at your adorable birthday party! Ingredients: – cherry, strawberry, pink bubblegum or any other pink colored ice cream (sherbet or frozen yogurt could also be used if you prefer) – chocolate or carob chips – pink jelly beans or other small colored pink candies – black decorator gel You’ll also need an ice cream ball scoop, […]


Pig Out Activity – A Farm Birthday Party Game

Farm Birthday Party Games – Pig Out Activity You’ll need: – bowls of chocolate pudding (1 for every player) – barrettes and hair ties for kids with longer hair Kids love playing this messy game. Line up the bowls of muddy-looking pudding along the ground (outside if the weather permits; if playing inside, lay a tablecloth or newspapers under the bowls for easier cleanup). Tie back hair that might get in the way. Then ask your guests to place their […]


Mister Monkey Sandwiches – Jungle Party Food Idea!

Continuing our jungle animal party food ideas, these mister monkey sandwiches are cute and easy for parties that occur around mealtimes. They are also easy to adapt to suit children’s selective tastes, using cheese spread, jelly, or other things instead of the peanut butter as needed. Mister Monkey Sandwiches: 2 slices bread Peanut butter 3 M&M’s or raisins Sunflower seeds Cut a large circle from a slice of bread for the monkey’s face base. Get another slice of bread. Cut […]


Monkey Shine Juice Drink Recipe

Continuing our jungle birthday party food ideas, here is a cute punch style twist: a monkey shine juice drink recipe! This is an easy and fun idea for little monkeys who love bananas! Change the orange juice to apple or another kid-friendly juice to match your own party decor and color scheme if you wish. Monkey Shine Juice Drink Recipe: 4 cups orange juice 4 bananas — sliced Place ingredients in blender & mix til smooth and bubbly. Serves 8 […]


Barnyard Surprise Egg Hunt Game

This barnyard surprise egg hunt game is a perfectly fun farm activity for your birthday party event at any time of year! You’ll need: – plastic eggs that open (1 per child) – farm animal stickers or little animal drawings – a large bin filled with straw or raffia Gather your little chicks for a special egg hunt. Before kids arrive, place a sticker or drawing of a different farm animal inside each egg. Hide the eggs in the straw-filled […]


Moo-Moo Milkshakes

Farm Birthday Party Food Ideas – Moo-Moo Milkshakes Ingredients: – 3/4 cup of milk – 3/4 cup of berries and a ripe banana, sliced – 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt Blend milk with berries and banana. Then add 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and whirl away. Serves 2. (You can also serve Brown Cows: chocolate milk!) Also check out all of our farm birthday invitations for your event needs!