Party Ideas

Thirteen of Lil’ Duck’s Christmas presents

Not that I couldn’t list many more than thirteen, he is the only grandchild on three sides and makes out like a little bandit at Christmas and birthday time. However, we’ll just pick thirteen of Lil’ Duck’s Christmas presents to highlight today ;). His iDog, which he is surprisingly gentle with and really enjoys. It’s […]

Spreading out the birthday gift excitement!

Lil’ Duck would be thrilled if he got a box and a sheet of stickers for his birthday – he can play with these for hours.  However, he has many relatives and friends who love to buy him lots of gifts (he’s the first grandchild on every side, so he gets tons of things). Saving […]

Birthday lunch: the Rainforest Cafe adventure

We are always looking for new and interesting places to take the Lil’ Duck – living in a big tourist city, it is just a giant toddler playground with no shortage of exciting places. For his birthday lunch, we decided to see what he thought of the Rainforest Cafe. For those of you not familiar […]

Dora Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Dora Themed Birthday Party Ideas! In honor of all of Lil’ Duck’s friends turning two, he wanted to share some ideas from their parties! Here’s some from a Dora party: A map invitation– Nick Jr. has a map activity that could easily be converted. Make little backpacks out of purple or blue bags. Swiper could […]

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