Golden 50th Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas

Celebrating Their 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Invitation Design

Golden 50th Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas Make it personal: When you are styling the decor, including personal touches for a special look makes all the difference! Consider the time in which your parents were married. What were the popular trends in entertainment and fashion? For a casual event, your guests could enjoy dressing up in 60s attire (consider the personality of the friends and family first). Entertainment of the age, or maybe just plain fun, can be found in a Beatles cover band or a…

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5 Tips for Planning a Special Needs Birthday Party

Planning Special Needs Birthday Party Photo

5 Tips for Planning a Special Needs Birthday Party Birthdays are extremely important to kids. It’s like their very own holiday that celebrates them! Planning a birthday party for any child can take a bit of work, but planning a party for a child with special needs requires a little more thought. If you are planning a birthday party for a child with special needs, here are five tips to keep in mind that will help you throw an event that will make the guest…

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Treasure Trove of Children’s Fall Party Themes

We’re sharing a treasure trove of children’s fall party themes for your own party planning ideas! Each idea is followed by one of our matching party invitations, although we have many birthday invitations that are created in these themes and can adapt any of our designs to suit your own celebration, of course. Share your autumn birthday ideas in the comments below! Rustic Outdoors 1   fall at the farm (Farm Animal Birthday Invitation) 2   apple orchard (Rustic Apple Pickin’ Birthday Invitation) 3   pumpkin patch (Cute…

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Themes for Fabulous Fall Wedding Showers

A fabulous fall theme sets your celebration apart from every other bridal shower. These themes for fabulous fall wedding showers bring elegance and love to your 2017 autumn event. Whether the bride is having a fall wedding or just a shower in the fall, a fabulous shower is a memory to treasure forever. Each theme is followed by our most popular bridal shower invitation designs to match, however we can customize any of our invitations for your own theme. 1.  Fall Masquerade (Masquerade Bridal Shower…

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Terrific Teen Costume Party Themes


Scare up some fun with an unconventional theme for your teen Halloween party! Teenagers will have loads of fun whether you are throwing a fall birthday party or a Halloween celebration. We can personalize any of our invitation designs to match these teen costume party themes as you wish. 1.  Pop Star This theme zaps some instant glamor into your party!  Guests will have fun dressing to the nines in cool clothes and band t-shirts.  Make a playlist of your teen’s favorite pop music, and…

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Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother's Day - Breakfast in Bed

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is coming soon, and the woman who brought you into this world deserves to be showered with love, presents and pampered with a day to relax. While the typical Mother’s Day celebration includes flowers and brunch and maybe a homemade gift from little ones, all mothers enjoy a little creativity from kids (and the husband). While, yes, roses and carnations are beautiful and brunch or even breakfast in bed offers a tasty wake-up to the morning, there…

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Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day this Year


Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day this Year Earth Day is Saturday, and this year’s campaign is Environmental and Climate Literacy. Help do your part in protecting and preserving the planet by commemorating Earth Day with a special gift to Mother Earth. No, we’re not talking about financial donations. The gift should be about giving back… in other forms of green. Kids especially should learn that their habits have a ripple effect on the environment. Every piece of paper we toss, the water we leave…

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Bachelorette Party? Yoga Retreat!

Yoga Mat Relax Photo

Bachelorette Party? Yoga Retreat! Your bachelorette party should be fun and memorable, so forget the conventional “drinks followed by clubbing” idea and opt for something you and your friends will remember for years to come, like a yoga retreat. Here’s why it’s such a great idea. It’s A Party That Feels Personal The wild bachelorette parties, filled with strippers and lots of drinking, isn’t right for everyone. But why should you stick to a conventional idea that doesn’t make you feel excited? It’s your party,…

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