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Winter Wedding Shower Themes


Weave some winter magic with a special shower for the bride-to-be! These seasonal winter wedding shower themes help to make each shower a treasured memory. If you want to honor both the bride and groom, you’ll find several couples wedding shower themes as well. 1.  Snowflakes (Winter Snowflake Bridal Shower Invitation and Shabby Chic Winter Bridal Invitation) Each bride is as individual and beautiful as a snowflake…a snowy setting enhances the mood for your feminine wedding shower. Variation with modern snowflakes (Winter Snowflakes Engagement Invitation)–this is a trendy invitation for a co-ed wedding shower!  This theme celebrates the snow season […]

December 15, 2014 by The Crane

Do I Moo Farm Birthday Party Activity

Do I Moo Farm Birthday Party Activity - Animal Guest Game

You’ll need to prepare: – 1 farm animal sticker, or a picture of the animal with tape to attach it, per guest. Get everyone into the party mood with this fun Do I Moo farm birthday party activity – a guessing game! As each guest arrives, attach an animal sticker or picture on his or her back. Then have kids guess (without looking) what it is, by asking questions that can be answered with only yes or no. For example, “Do I moo?” “Am I pink?” or “Can I fly?”. Have kids ask everyone at the party a different question […]

November 22, 2014 by MamaDuck

Jungle Din Jungle Animal Party Game


In advance of this jungle din jungle animal party game, hide wrapped animal crackers, fruit snacks, foil wrapped chocolate coins, small favors or wrapped candies throughout the room or building (or over a limited space when played outdoors). Pick out jungle themed music, and have a whistle handy. To start: Divide the crowd into equal groups. One player in each group is appointed the leader, and each group is assigned the name of a bird or animal whose call can easily be imitated. The calls of ducks, cows, sheep, donkey, dogs, crows, cats, frogs, horses, etc. are easily given. Only […]

November 19, 2014 by MamaDuck

Pizza Baking Party Ideas


As the weather cools, we start thinking about steaming goodies coming from the kitchen & want to share these pizza baking party ideas! Nothing makes the mouth water as much as the scent of baking pizza, and we know it! Children, teens, and adults alike will love baking pizzas.  For a fun cooking party, let the kids make their own, experimenting with different sauces, difference herbs and spices, cheeses and other toppings. Decorations: Even though a pizza party is usually casual, decorations make the event memorable. Spread your table with a checked tablecloth.  Decorate with candles in green bottles.  Make […]

September 9, 2014 by The Crane

Safari Jungle Animal Masks – Party Activity Idea


Safari Jungle Animal Masks – Party Activity Idea for Craft Time! The kids will love making their own jungle animal masks and this will be a great craft time project as well! You will need the following items: Crafting foam in various animal colors Elastic Scissors (safety if the children will be using them) Single hole punch Using craft foam, have all of the shapes cut out that the children would need to make a certain animal. Most masks will only require two and sometimes three colors of foam. You will want your masks to be approximately 8 inches wide […]

June 30, 2014 by MamaDuck

Fantastic Farmer Cake


Farm Birthday Party Food – Fantastic Farmer Cake This down on the farm cake is perfect for birthday kids to help decorate! Ingredients: – large sheet cake (homemade or from a bakery) – green frosting – pretzel sticks, cocoa powder and colored candies You’ll also need plastic barn, house, tractor and farm animal figurines. Frost the cake green for grass. Then add barn, house and tractor figurines. Use pretzel sticks to make a corral and sprinkle cocoa powder to create dirt. Finish your farm scene by creating rows of plants with little candies, and by placing animal figurines all over […]

April 14, 2014 by MamaDuck