Birthday lunch: the Rainforest Cafe adventure

We are always looking for new and interesting places to take the Lil’ Duck – living in a big tourist city, it is just a giant toddler playground with no shortage of exciting places. For his birthday lunch, we decided to see what he thought of the Rainforest Cafe. For those of you not familiar with this restaurant, it’s a giant rainforest – rain, leaves, trees, animatronic talking/moving monkeys, elephants and other creatures, giant fish tanks, and the occasional thunderstorm.

Talk about Mr. Big Eyes. He wasn’t too sure about it at first – his eyes were going a mile a minute, staring at everything, hanging on to his Mommy, pointing out the rhino and the monkey and the ELE-PHANT!! Both Mommy AND Daddy had to take him for several walks around the place while we were waiting for our food – he wanted to go visit all the giant, moving animals but wanted us both there for security ;).

We were prepared for him to get frightened about the faux thunderstorm, but while he definitely wasn’t getting out of our arms, he didn’t cry or anything, the eyes just got bigger and he told us all about the lights that were going on and off. He finally got accustomed to everything enough to sit in his own chair once our food came – he was still too busy staring at everything to really eat much, he drank his sweet tea and ate some of my coconut shrimp, but that was about it (other than offering blue chips to everyone who walked past our table ;)).

He did love the giant fish tanks as well as the funky, slimy, tentacled balls in the gift shop (go figure), though he did have some qualms about the black light room (which he really should be used to, as we have black lights in our kitchen…).

In all, he had a wonderful time, I’d definitely take him again, it was a wonderful addition to our celebration!

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  1. jen #

    Wow what a really different but interesting resturant
    Im sure even my older son would get a excited about this place

  2. How lucky. I wish we have a Rainforest Cafe. Portland, Oregon is like the complete opposite of a tourist city. We have the beach 50 miles to the west and the mountains 50 miles to the east. But nothing too exciting in the city.

    A big happy birthday to the little Duck!

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