Beautiful Photo Open House Invitation

A beautiful graduation card for a beautiful girl! This square, beautiful photo open house invitation accents your 1-3 photos with swirls, a ribbon graphic, distressed backdrops, and elegant fonts. We used a butter-yellow and purple color scheme to match the school colors, although we can completely change the colors for you and tint your photos in black & white or sepia for vintage elegance. To include additional text or photos on the back, have this card printed on flat cardstock here: Lovely Photo Graduation Invitation.

Beautiful Photo Open House Invitation - Graduation Card Square


  1. Lil Duck Duck

    Rich Eggplant Photo Graduation Cards

    Inspired by her beautiful gown, these rich eggplant photo graduation cards celebrate this accomplishment with understated jewel tones! Bits of golden color appear in the swirled border accents, and in the flecks that catch the eye on the green text bac…

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