Beautiful Gold Photo Communion Thank You Ideas

A timeless combination of pink and gold set the theme for her Holy day! Continuing that theme, her beautiful gold photo Communion thank you ideas share memories and thankfulness. This young lady and her family wanted to keep her pink and gold theme, and showcase her lovely dress photo. First, we created a single sided card design option with looped script font in a matching golden color. A washed pink border blends into just a hint of gold around her flowing skirts (with a glitter-like pattern for a bit of pop!).

Keeping the verse simple and short to accent her photo, she shared, “Thank You! Your presence and thoughtful gift made my First Holy Communion very special.” Change the colors, patterns, and wording to suit your own taste and photo as needed.

See her next idea below, or visit the product page here to request either of these: First Holy Communion Photo Thank You.

Beautiful Gold Photo Communion Thank You Ideas - Her Pink Holy Day

Perfect for framing, her double sided option removes all the text from the front of the card, just keeping the edging and her lovely photo. Printed on our flat pearl finish cardstock, the subtle shimmer on the finished card added an extra special touch.

Pink & Gold Double Sided Communion Thank You Front

On the back, she shares two more beautiful photos atop her verse of gratitude! “God bless my family, God bless my friends, May all our blessings never end. My First Holy Communion Day was made complete with loved ones who are so dear to my heart. Thank you for adding to the joyous spirit on this special day with your love, generous gift, and presence in my life.”

For your own version of this design, pick any flat or folded cardstock printing option, and choose to share 0, 1, 2, or even 3 vertical images on the back! Rewrite all of the text, and switch out the fonts as you wish. As with the first design, the colors and patterns can also change.

Pink & Gold Double Sided Communion Thank You Back

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