Balloons and bananas!

Balloons and bananas! What would normally be just another trip to the grocery store is now a great adventure! You see, there are big cars with letters on them as you walk into the store, all of which need to be inspected closely. Then there are carts to be felt, a cover to put on the cart, and then a high perch in the cart allows you to see everything. Not to mention that there are balloons everywhere – all colors and sizes, even one of Tigger.

A banana is not just a piece of fruit, it is a thing to be celebrated (yelling BA-NA-NA at the top of your lungs over and over should do it), then to be used as a giant nose to make your mommy laugh, then to be tasted and poked and prodded and thrown out of the cart, just to see what will happen. Ah, the wonders of the grocery store, a new adventure every time I visit!

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  1. Undercover Angel #

    That’s so cute! It sounds like mom had an interesting time at the grocery store too!

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