Ball Pit Party Photo Invitation

Perfect for both of these preschool kids, they’re celebrating their birthdays with a ball pit party!┬áThis ball pit party photo invitation sets the party theme with a kiddie font, polka dot borders, and bright red, yellow & blue primary colors. Your two photos can inspire the color scheme for your own design, as we can change all of the colors and border pattern to complement your photos.

See more ideas & personalize this design here (simply request the ball pit version in the notes field): Joint Rainbow Birthday Invitation.

Ball Pit Party Photo Invitation - Preschool Kids Birthdays Theme

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  1. Certainly, just put in the notes field that you want to use just one photo and then you can also put in that field any text or graphics that you would like in the other photo block instead. Thanks!

  2. Angela #


    Love this invite. As it is just my 3 y.o. whose birthday I’d like to use a similar invite for, can you please advise if it’s possible for this invite to be adapted for just one child/photo?


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