Baby Shower Thank You Card Verse Ideas

Find the perfect way to thank everyone for the lovely gifts they gave your precious little one here! These baby shower thank you card verse ideas come from a wide range of shower party themes Baby Shower Thank You Card Verse Ideas - Shower Party Themesand many of them are inspired from creative clients just like you. Our baby shower thank you card design gallery hosts all of the designs referenced below and then some, and they all have matching baby shower invitations for easy event planning too. Be inspired by these verse ideas to adapt and combine them to perfectly suit your own needs. You can change these wording examples to suit twins, a baby sprinkle, meet the baby or any other special occasion. Bring together parts of two different verses to create your own perfect baby shower thank you note!

Baby Shower Thank You Card Verse Ideas

Fairytale Shower Thank You Card Wording

Starting with a popular baby shower theme, embrace the royal grandeur for your fairytale Cinderella thank you cards!

  • “Fairytales do come true! We sincerely thank you for joining us in celebrating the coming of our little prince / princess, due to enter our tale on ___.”
  • “A Royal Thank You – The gift you gave and time you spent, you’ll never know how much it meant.”
  • “A Royal Fairytale Thank You from Princess __, her mommy, Queen ___ and daddy King ___”.

You can even spin an entire tale from your coming prince or princess as shown here! They wrote: “Thank you!! I’m sorry I couldn’t be here, but I’m not quite ready yet. God is painting my eyes, nose, and cheeks, and soon I’ll be set. Though I wasn’t here to thank you, for the lovely gifts you brought, My family is grateful, we appreciate the thought. I’ll be arriving shortly, happy as can be, So, after I’ve been home awhile, Please come and visit me!!! Love, Baby ___”.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Verse Ideas - Shower Party Themes

There are many versions of these letters from baby, so write your own special one from the heart. They almost always start with “Thank You!” and close with “Love, Baby (First name if you are sharing that, otherwise just the last name is fine)”. A cute little “I’m sorry I couldn’t be here, but I’m not quite ready yet” sentence is often used, or a “I’m looking down from heaven, because I’m not ready for earth yet.” The “God is painting my eyes, nose, and cheeks, and soon I’ll be set.” is a sweet touch. Usually after this, there is a message of gratitude from baby’s family for the lovely gift(s), and a promise of the sweet princess soon to arrive! You can use this letter idea for any theme of event, of course, or with a different color of fairytale design (if your event is not the purple princess style).

For the royal prince, he is definitely not forgotten either! Many of the above ideas will work for him on any of our fairytale prince thank you card designs, however we also have specific ideas, as shown on these little prince royal thank you cards. For instance, see the soft blue & green royal thank you card below. “Once upon a time, There was a royal shower, Our sweet baby Prince now has a nursery fit for a king! Thank You So Much!”

Little Prince Royal Shower Thank You Card - Nursery King Castle

Baby Boy Shower Thank You Card Wording

Also for your baby boy, a basketball themed shower is completed with themed basketball shower thank you designs that share: “Thank You for your gift for our coming Bouncin’ Baby Boy!”. The inside right or back of the card idea: “Thank You for your gift for our new bundle of joy; our coming precious baby boy!”.

Classic red wagon puppy dog boy thank you cards share a wagon full of thank you! “Although too tiny to speak my mind, Your thoughtful gift was so kind. My Shower was special because you were there, it’s nice to know how much you care!”

Custom Baby Shower Boy Thank You Card Verse

Or keep just the “A wagon full of Thank You!” on the front, and print a different message on the inside bottom / back, such as “Thank you so much for sharing our joy on welcoming the soon to arrive bundle of joy. The memories of our baby shower will always be treasured. Visiting with you was such a great pleasure.” – OR “Just a card to tell you – And a few words to tell you too – The gift is so appreciated – And more so because it came from you.”.

Another puppy dog themed verse idea for you: “Tails are waggin’, we’re jumpin’ with joy… we have a doggone Thank You for you!”. This is especially cute when used on these woof puppy thank you cards!

Writing a personal note from the heart is always treasured by everyone who receives it, such as this baby boy’s mother on her baby shower thank you cards. “Thank you for coming to my baby shower and helping celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby boy! Thank you for all the great baby gifts! I know the baby will get a lot of use out of them. Your generosity and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated!”

Blue & Brown Family Thank You Back Message Idea

This design is actually most often used in a gender neutral style, with pink & blue colors and sweet wording that says, “Thank you for your gift for someone special, someone dear, someone new, for the precious one who will soon be here!”

Another personal note idea comes from this family on their baby boy’s lil firefighter thank you cards. “We are truly blessed you could share our blessed day celebrating our little firefighter / bundle of joy! Your baby shower gift was greatly appreciated!”

Our Little Firefighter Custom Message Idea

More little boy thankfulness is expressed with transportation themed thank you cards, such as these cute verses from our uptown traffic thank you cards. “Zoom Zoom, Honk Honk, Vroom Vroom – Thank You!”.

“By Car, By Plane or By Train…we’re sending you a Thank You!”.

For a train thank you card theme, how about “Choo Choo, it’s a thank you from us to you!”

On your special baby boy toys thank you cards, you can share “HONK, honk! BEEP, beep! Choo, choo… Thank You!” For a verse on the inside or back, “The shower was special because you were there, it really shows how much you care.”.

Honk & Beep Polka Dotted Thank You Cards

“Such a wonderful gift you gave us, with a very special touch, it sure means so much to us, so thank you very much!” and “Thank you for stocking our nursery with baby “tools”!” on these construction party thank you cards.

“Boy oh Boy! A Handsome Little Boy and His Mom want to say Thank You!” on little man bow tie elephant baby thank you cards.

Country Baby Shower Thank You Verses

Round up your guests for special western tales of thankfulness with these verses from our country cowpoke thank you cards!

“Thanks for Saddling up and making our princess feel special! We’re so happy you could share her special shower day! XOXO”.

Or another take on the same idea – “Yee-haw! Thanks for saddling up for some boot-scootin’, rootin’, tootin’ fun! Most of all, thank you for sharing in the day and sending lots of love & presents our way!”.

Want something simpler? Just go with “Yeehaw! Y’all were mighty kind!” on the front, put an ultrasound or shower photo on the back with “We had a rootin’, tootin’ time!” under it and you are all set.

Yeehaw Country Thank You Card Front Design Idea

More fun on the farm:

“Moo, moo… Cluck, cluck… and a cock-a-doodle-doo… Baby ___ and the barnyard animals have joined to say Thank You! / the whole barnyard is joining baby ___ to say Thank You!”

“With a baa and a moo and an oink oink too… we want to say Thank You!” on these farm animal barnyard thank you cards.

“A sweet baby boy / girl wants to Thank Ewe!” or send “A sweet little Thank You just for ewe” with these little lamb thank you cards! One mama even had another adorable way to phrase this theme – “Sweet Baby __ is arriving soon! Thank You for stocking the barn! Ewe are such a blessing!”

Wording Ideas for Photo Baby Shower Thank Yous

For these boy ultrasound shower thank you cards, the keepsake photo is the main attraction! This family member (who gave these as a shower gift to the parents-to-be & had access to the ultrasound photo ahead of time) shared beside the photo that “It’s a Boy! Thank you for showering gifts on ___ as they prepare for their baby boy. Your love and support is so precious to them now and always!”

A few more ideas worded from the parents-to-be: “It’s a Girl! Thank You! Your generous showering is greatly appreciated as we prepare to welcome our baby girl. Love, ___”. “Thank you… for the beautiful gifts while we wait for our little baby boy / girl to arrive. Your love and support are so precious to us now and always!” “Thank you for making my shower extra special. Your thoughtfulness means so much to us.”

Pink, Green & Brown Photo Thank You Card

Baby Girl Shower Thank You Card Wording

“Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice… Thank You! One thank you for the gift and another for the thought. A dozen thank yous can’t tell you the happiness they brought.” on this sugar & spice thank you card design, of course.

Also sweet and soft, these polka dot daisy thank you cards (in any colors you can imagine) play host to many different thank you verses. Pair this classic front wording: “Thank You for attending our Baby Shower” with a uniquely personalized note on the inside bottom or the back of your cards. Here is one idea to get you started that also shares this family’s faith: “God has blessed us with another sweet baby girl, __. As she has joined our family, we have found new love and appreciation for all of God’s gifts. Your gift is much appreciated. We are praying that God will bless you for your generosity.” We left a space at the bottom for them to hand-sign each card for a nice touch.

Folded Inside Message Daisy Idea in Black & Pink

If you would like more room for handwriting, but still want to share a short verse, here is another daisy thank you card idea for you. This family shared at the top that “Every Good and Perfect Girl Comes from Above” and had us pre-print their names at the bottom in the matching pink script.

Polka Dot Daisy Pink Back Design Idea With Optional Verse

Having a baby sprinkle? You can change any of these verses from “shower” to sprinkle, of course – but here is a design just for you! The front of the card simply says “A Very Special Thank You”, and then the back of this flat card design is shown here. “Thank you for Sprinkling us with your wonderful gifts, Many Blessings.”.

Dainty Flower Turquoise & Purple Blossom Thank You Back

Now for something totally different…

Such a sweet theme that reminds us of childhood nursery tales – we see so many different thank you verses used on these twinkle little star thank you cards!

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Oh So Thankful is What We Are! Thank You!”

“While we are waiting for Baby’s debut, we wanted to write and say thank you. A loving note can barely say, all we felt that magical day. A heartfelt thanks is sent to you, for your thoughtful gift and wishes, too.”

“Precious one, so small, so sweet – Dancing in on angel’s feet – Straight from heaven’s brightest star… What a miracle you truly are.”

Miracle Custom Verse Front Design Idea

Wording for Owl Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Many grateful hoots are used on our butterfly owl thank you card designs, such as: “Whoo…. Whoo…. it is a Thank You for you! Thank you for your generous gift for our daughter / son. We are so grateful for the love and support from friends and family like you!”

“Thank you for your words of wisdom, your kindness, and your love, as we celebrate the arrival of our gift from above!”

Wood-Like Pink Owl Thank You Cards Verse Back

More themed hoots abound on our cute hoot owls thank you cards, starting with the simple “What a hoot! We want to thank whoo!”. Another spin on that same thought is “What a hoot! Thank you for coming to ___’s baby shower!”. For a sweet little pre-printed message in the back to pair with that, “Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. We are / I am so appreciative of the gift that you flew over from your nest to ours.” Or, you can say:

  • “Thank Who/o for the special baby shower gift”
  • Whoo gives a hoot? We do and we want to Thank You for your thoughtfulness on this special day!”
  • “Look Whooo’s sending you a Thank You!” (shown on these flower owl girl thank you cards)
  • “Whoo… Whoo… Thank You!”

On the inside bottom or back panel of this gender neutral owl thank you card design, this family wrote a sweet shower thank you verse from the coming baby for a unique touch: “Thank You for the gifts that I will soon see. Mom and Dad say they are adorable and that you’ve picked them just for me. They are sending this card of thanks because I still haven’t arrived. And even when I do, I won’t be able to write you ’til I’m five! Thank you – Mommy, Daddy, and Me”.

Gender Neutral Baby Thank You Folded Inside Verse

Sharing a favorite quote or Scripture verse while still having room to hand write is a lovely idea as well, such as in the inside bottom or back thank you card panel design shown here. This family used Jeremiah 1:5a – “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart.”

Cardstock Inside or Back with Scripture (Any Colors)

Other heartfelt notes are shared on these sweet baby owl thank you cards, such as “Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts and especially for coming to my shower and making it super special.” Then on our dainty owl thank you cards : “Thank you so much for being a part of our special day to celebrate our daughter, __!!”

Baby Animal Shower Thank You Wording Ideas

The animals may have gathered only two by two for Noah, but pre-printing just one heartfelt message on all of their Noah’s Ark thank you cards collects them all at once! These parents-to-be shared that “Words cannot express our thankfulness for all the wonderful people who attended the baby shower for “Baby”. Thank you so much for the sweet gifts.”

Custom Noah's Ark Back With Baby Shower Verse

Having more of a zoo baby shower theme instead? “Friends from the zoo have gathered to say, Thank You!” & “It was fun hangin’ at the shower… you made it a zoo! Thank you!”

Go wild with safari jungle animal thank you cards!

“Lions, Giraffes, and Monkeys, oh MY! We want to say Thank You!”

“Baby is going to go wild when s/he sees all of the wonderful gifts his / her family and friends have gotten him / her! Thank You!”

“Thank you from one happy little monkey!”

“The lions, giraffes and monkeys all join us in saying THANK YOU!”

Sweet bumblebee thank you cards have adorable themed wording ideas as well, such as “A Sweet Bee Thank You” and “Thank You for Buzzing By (My Party / Our Shower / etc.)”. The inside bottom or back of your design can include your names as you send a “thank you for “beeing” part of this joyous celebration!”.

Baby Shower Thank You Bumblebee Back Verse

Little ladybugs are oh-so-sweet as well, and our favorite verse idea from these ladybug thank you cards is when the front of the design shares “A Little Ladybug Thank You” with the inside bottom or back simply sharing a quote that “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Sweet Ladybug Quote Design Idea

From ladybugs to butterflies! How about the ever popular “Butterfly kisses, giggles and fun, the joy has just begun!” or “Thank You! Butterfly kisses, laughter and fun, our happiness has just begun with your special gifts and expressions of love!”. To be more true to the original, the butterfly kisses thank you card uses phrasing such as “Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayers, Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair… Thank You for celebrating __’s little blessing!”. Another sentimental verse idea that you can use on that design or any other one of your choice is “Like butterflies dancing on honey-scented air, Love is the greatest gift we can ever share. Thank You for showing (the parents-to-be & baby) how much we / you care!”.

Twin Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording

All of the baby shower thank you card verse ideas shown above can be reworded for twins, triplets, adoptions or other special types of showers, of course. However, here are a few of endless ideas for your own twin baby shower thank you card wording!

“Two little angels sent from above, two little angels sending their love and a Thank You!” As seen on these sugar & spice thank you cards.

Purple & Pink Thank You Idea - Dedication Twin Wording

Go a little wild and double the monkey fun with safari jungle animal thank you cards! Along with all the themed safari wording suggested above (which can be used for twins too!), you can include this sweet note on the inside bottom of a folded card or on the back of a flat card design. “Thank you for showering our babies with beautiful gifts. Your love and support are so precious to us now and always.”

Twin Baby Girl Jungle Shower Thank You Cards

Use any of these verses or be inspired from these to create your own wording to be used on your baby shower thank you cards. Have your own baby shower thank you card verse ideas to share? Please use the comments form below, we would love to hear them!

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