Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

We see so many adorable baby shower invitation wording ideas from our clients, that we wanted to share them with you! Here are some of our recent favorites. Each baby shower invitation wording idea is followed by one of our matching invitations (feel free to look around, as they can be used on more than just one of our party designs, of course!).

  • A Little Ladybug will soon be here for you to meet! Join us for a Baby Shower for mommy-to-be _____! (Ladybug Baby Shower Invitation)
  • It’s a ___! Let’s Go Bananas! Join us to monkey around with…
  • There’s a new dinosaur coming to play… Come shower him with prehistoric gifts at… (Cute & Colorful Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitation)
  • Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas, Card VersesFrom under the rocks and out of the caves, the dinosaurs are all coming to _____’s baby shower! (Prehistoric Baby Dinosaur Shower Invitation)
  • We’re expecting a baby boy! Sometimes it’s the small things in life that take up the most room in our heart. Please join us for a baby shower honoring… (Sweet Little Lamb Shower Invitation)
  • Popsicle kisses and big bear hugs, Little red wagons and ladybugs. Flowers, butterflies, little sighs, Nursery rhymes and lullabies. Please come celebrate and share in the joy, to honor _____, our very special mommy-to-be!
  • Two little feet we are about to greet… a Baby Girl we can’t wait to meet!
  • Rubber Ducky, you’re the one, to make our party so much fun! Waddle on over for _____’s baby shower… (Rubber Ducky Photo Baby Shower Invitation)
  • Rub-a-dub, in the tub! Soft towels, sweet shampoo, bath toys and a yellow ducky too! Soon a new Baby Duck will be in the tub! Join us in showering the happy parents to be…
  • We’re WILD with excitement! _____’s tummy is expanding, the time is drawing near, let’s shower her with love and gifts before her baby is here.
  • Come on a Jungle Safari, who knows what you’ll see? Could it be a lion or a monkey in the tree? No, it’s the giraffe who stretches his neck to see, Or the elephant, who waves his trunk with glee… Please come celebrate and share in the joy – To honor _____, our very special mommy-to-be. (Colorful Baby Shower Invitation)
  • Yeehaw! Saddle up & come have some fun! For _____ will soon be on the run!
  • Monkeys, tigers, elephants, and giraffes
    Can be found in books filled with adventures and laughs.
    Books provide opportunities to learn and explore
    So let’s help fill the _____ library from ceiling to floor!
    Filling the library should not be hard,
    If you would please sign a book instead of a card. (Colorful Zoo Animal Baby Shower Invitation)
  • Moo, moo… Oink, oink! Cluck, cluck… Baa, baa! The news is spreading… ______’s little lamb will arrive soon! (Farm Animal Shower Barnyard Invitation)

See all of our baby shower invitations & even more invitation wording for baby shower verses for additional inspiration!

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas, Card Verses

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    The animals gather on this safari boy baby shower invitation for a cute boy baby shower! To celebrate the baby boy, we used lots of blue and dressed the giraffe & elephant in polka dots and party hats. Since everything is printed flat onto the card,…

  3. What a nice idea to share some wording for people. I know some of my friends have some hard time to come-up with the right expression. It is very stressful period of their time and they are a bit overwhelmed by everything to handle. Cheers

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  8. Wild Boy Jungle Safari Shower Invitations

    “Cuddly, sweet, cute & oh, so much fun, We are WILD with excitement over baby! The due date is nearing, Mommy is nesting & almost due. Daddy preps the nursery in a lovely shade of BLUE. Please join us for some monkey business & jungle baby shower fun!”…

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    Planning a dino-mite baby shower? This dino spike girl shower invitation holds your custom wording beside a cute, pink-spiked dinosaur. Lavender stripes and purple accents give a girly suggestion to this colorful design, although we can change the purp…

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