Aqua Rosette Baby Shower Invitations

Bold geometric patterns highlight the coming of your new little one! These gold and aqua rosette baby shower invitations combine crisp angles with sweet feminine style for a fresh look. The stylish color combination was made to match this mommy-to-be’s event decor – even the rose graphic atop the bow styled accent image is a nod to the flowers they are using. Traditional introduction text shown here is softened with lovely flourish print style. “Let’s Shower The Mommy-To-Be Before her Baby arrives!” Each bit of text is custom written to match your own baby shower style – for sprinkles or casual co-ed occasions or even a meet the baby celebration.

See more ideas and create your own custom card version on the product page here: Sugar and Spice Shower Sprinkle Invitation. Simply pick this aqua and golden rosette version in the form if you like it.

Aqua Rosette Baby Shower Invitations - Gold Geometric Patterns

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