Anchor Navy Ensign Commissioning Invitation Set

Crisp lines and themed graphics create a classic anchor Navy Ensign Commissioning invitation set. Bold block lettering announces the commissioning in the United States Navy, while personalized text shares the event details in your own words. In this case, formal wording was used to cordially invite guests to his graduation and commissioning event. This is because he is receiving a degree in Aeronautical Engineering along with his commissioning as an Ensign. His occasion happens to be taking place at the same place and time at the university, however we can include double information for you instead, if the graduation and commissioning are two separate events. An accent line in red & golden yellow backs a rope like graphic and is highlighted with an anchor graphic. Change anything about this accent line (removing or changing the graphics, changing the colors, using just a simple single colored line or removing the accent line entirely) to suit your own taste.

See more ideas & have us make your own unique version of this design on the product page here: Anchor Navy Ensign Commissioning Invitations. Simply select this photo -less design idea in the form if desired.

Anchor Navy Ensign Commissioning Invitation Set - Navy Rope

When you choose flat or folded card stock printing, the U.S. Navy card design continues on the finished back. The matching navy blue backdrop holds additional text and / or a photo. These themed accent line graphics can continue from the front as shown here. This Navy ensign chose their favorite quote for the back of their commissioning card design. “I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.” – Neil Armstrong

Anchor Navy Ensign Commissioning Invitation Set - Back Quote

Matching Navy address labels accent the envelopes, continuing the same style and graphics from the invitations. If you personalize the graphics, colors or anything else on the invitations, we can change these to match as well. See more ideas & order these on the product page here: Navy Commissioning Return Address Labels. Just request this design in the form if you like it.

Anchor Navy Ensign Commissioning Address Labels

Also, these matching favor stickers use any text that you wish to celebrate your new ensign! Add a short message of thanks, the date of your event or anything else that you prefer. The rope like accent and anchors can again be personalized to match your invitations or suit your own needs. Use these on gift bags / tags, event favors, as envelope seals or anything else that you wish. See more ideas & order these ensign favor stickers on the product page here: U.S. Navy Personalized Oval Stickers. Simply request this version in the form if desired.

Anchor Navy Ensign Commissioning Favor Stickers

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