All Around The Clock Shower Invitation

“The time has finally come…for an all around the clock bridal shower!” Peach damask and a custom font creates an elegant beginning to your clock bridal shower. A vintage clock sets the theme for your event, and we can recolor this peach & gray all around the clock shower invitation to match your own wedding decorations.  To allow the hostess to hand write a time on each guest’s invitation, we printed this on flat cardstock, which can be printed on both sides.

For your own invitation, we can custom-design the back for you with more wording or a photo of the bride, if you prefer. See more ideas & personalize this design on the product page here: Around the Clock Bridal Shower Invitations.

All Around The Clock Shower Invitation - Peach Damask Vintage Theme

All Around The Clock Finished Back Shower Invitation Cardstock


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