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Silly Christmas Faces!

Merry Christmas to us! Lots of silly faces and great anticipation led up to Lil’ Duck’s 7th Christmas, and he loved every moment of it, including his Star Wars pajamas….

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Batman & his Batdog!

This year for Halloween, Lil’ Duck is reprising his role as Batman with an all-new costume and a matching outfit for his Batdog! The dog thinks the wings are tasty…

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What every 5 year old boy wants for Christmas – or at least mine!

If you ask him, he’ll say that he really, really wants this Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultimate Dino – too bad I don’t fancy a plastic dinosaur as a home decoration when he gets tired of it in a few weeks :). What he most enjoys right now are simple crafts – dinosaur eggs that, when placed in water, “hatch” (i.e. Ginormous Hatchin Grow Dino); small sponge creatures in capsules that sell for a dollar for 20 creatures at Target (the last […]

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