Lil’ Duck’s Adventures

13 things on my floor…

Ah, the life with a toddler. I’d never have imagined I could have more than 13 things on my floor that weren’t supposed to be there – pre-Lil Duck, that is. Now, I’m happy if I can count the number of things on my floor… A two-foot fire truck. Complete with 3 1/2 ft. ladder […]

Where all the fish were Nemo….

After walking him all the way around the park, he finally got to go see NEMO….. which is the name of every fish, apparently, just like all trains are Geo. Of course, waiting in a long line, most of which was in the dim dusky dark pitch blackness, according to Lil’ Duck, wasn’t quite the […]

Why stickers before coffee are a bad, bad thing….

Lil’ Duck has become a dictator. From the moment his little eyes flutter open, he is full of demands… “sippy please, mama, no yucky sippys, COLD sippy milk fridge”…. “cheerios, now, in my bowl, let’s go now, mama, get up!!” This morning, in my half-awake state, I am accosted on the way to the coffee […]

Oh no, Ducky!!

From the other room, I hear “Uh-oh, Ducky, oh no” and then “It’s ok, Ducky, it’s ok, I help you”. I come in to see Ducky “stuck” with one of his wings hooked around the office chair armrest, while the little guy is right there patting him and kissing him. How sweet is that, instead […]

Thirteen of Lil’ Duck’s Christmas presents

Not that I couldn’t list many more than thirteen, he is the only grandchild on three sides and makes out like a little bandit at Christmas and birthday time. However, we’ll just pick thirteen of Lil’ Duck’s Christmas presents to highlight today ;). His iDog, which he is surprisingly gentle with and really enjoys. It’s […]

Where Lil’ Duck meets snow…

Lil’ Duck, unlike his parents, is not used to cold weather. He has never seen snow, never known snowballs and snowmen and skiing and sleet and all that is the joy of wintertime. Last week, we took him to a community festival, where there was some ice snow on a hill for sledding. However, there […]

You know you’re a mom when… (part 2)

You know you’re a mom when… (part 2) You know all of the late night infomercials from all those sleepless nights. Your voice has permanently become 10 octaves higher from talking all that baby talk. You realize at dinner time that you never ate lunch or breakfast, but the baby had balanced meals all day. […]

You know you’re a mom when… (part 1)

You know you’re a mom when… You can tell your baby’s pooping from 20 feet away. You are in a different area of the house while your husband is playing with baby… you hear baby do that “certain” laugh, and know (without having to go and check!) that she’s throwing something you need behind the […]