Adventures with a pink dry-erase marker….

I don’t know where he got it, in case that was your question – probably from climbing up on the kitchen countertops or digging thru my drawers – but he did, many adventures with a pink dry-erase marker!

This is the last writing implement around my house, as they keep either disappearing or being stashed in high places after the little one attempts to use them to create more art out of unlikely things (like he has for my coffee table, my television & my keyboard in the past).

I was last using that marker to write on the water bill that I had posted payment for it online, and then using the water bill as scratch paper to write down an announcement order (hey, the customer loved it all the same, and was never the wiser…. until now?? ;)).

Well, he decided to play “shut the door on myself, trapping myself in my parents’ bedroom, then scream at the top of my lungs as if my mommy had locked me in there, then lock the door, then laugh when mommy asks me to unlock it”. After I finally break back in to my own bedroom, I find this:

Adventures with a pink dry-erase marker, kitchen countertops & drawers

If the photo isn’t clear, it is my remote (the black stuff is the gaffer tape keeping my batteries in and away from the reaches of the busy little baby fingers- the reason for that is explained in this post…) and a pair of my husband’s khaki pants. I haven’t attempted to wash said pants yet…..

Just more evidence of a budding artist, eh??

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  1. Arg! I wouldn’t have been so good humored about the marker incident! You are a saint!

    Please tell me at least a LITTLE yell escaped your lips!

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