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Pet Photo Christmas Cards – Giving Back to Rescue Groups

Our sweet new rescue puppy, Sami is so happy to have a family, and we wish that we could help every other puppy dog like her as well! In honor of the wonderful blessing she has been to us, and to help others receive a similar blessing, we are donating 5% of our profits from […]

Sharing the Lil’ Duck’s Christmas joy!

Celebrating Christmas with an enthusiastic little guy and his puppy dog is so much fun! Now he is keeping busy assembling all of his Lego sets…

Merry Christmas from Lil’ Duck!

Every year they both get bigger and love Christmas even more, he is sooo excited for Christmas and hope everyone enjoys it as much as he does! This year he even did most of the tree decorating himself and picked out presents/made crafts for everyone on his list, he’s getting so big. Merry Christmas!

Mmmm, tasty Christmas moose!

When taking a nice photo of a sweet moose that Lil’ Duck loves… keep the puppy dog far, far away!

I can help with those presents…

Unwrapping, testing, tasting… I can do it all, let me at them!

The best puppy dog present ever – her very own BONE!

Mmmmm, a tasty peanut-butter flavored bone all wrapped up in fun wrapping paper for the fun of the hunt…