Lil’ Duck’s Adventures


Merry Christmas from Lil’ Duck!

Every year they both get bigger and love Christmas even more, he is sooo excited for Christmas and hope everyone enjoys it as much as he does! This year he even did most of the tree decorating himself and picked out presents/made crafts for everyone on his list, he’s getting so big. Merry Christmas!

What every 5 year old boy wants for Christmas – or at least mine!

What every 5 year old boy wants for Christmas – or at least mine! If you ask him, he’ll say that he really, really wants this Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultimate Dino – too bad I don’t fancy a plastic dinosaur as a home decoration when he gets tired of it in a few weeks :). What […]

Toy of the Week – Little Einstein’s “Pat Pat Rocket”

Why do children latch into certain toys, waking up and asking about that one or two toys immediately? Lil’ Duck asks about his Pat Pat Rocket every morning and it is never far from him throughout his day. As an adult it doesn’t look all that appealing to me, but putting the characters in their […]

Kindermusik Baby Activity Ideas

Lil Duck started Kindermusik this week and LOVED IT! He was so energized, in a good way :). The mental stimulation from these Kindermusik baby activity ideas is giving him yet another way to direct his enthusiasm in a very constructive manner. Being a very musical family (Mama Duck has a degree in music performance […]

Toy of the Week – Whac-A-Mole game!

Yes, the child whacks the cute moles with a plastic mallet and those moles pop back up with a giggle! The moles are dressed with hard-hats if that makes you feel better :). Lil’ Duck was delighted on Christmas morning to find a toy where he could take it out and have some good ol’ […]

Toy of the Week – Classic Wooden Tree House

Toy of the Week – Classic Wooden Tree House! What goes up the ladder? What goes down the trap door? All types of play cars of course! With a pre-schooler’s imagination, any toy can play in the Tree House…and you thought only little play people would want to play in on the different levels and […]

Stating the obvious, but oh so cute…

Lil’ Duck, while at Grandma’s house this weekend, loves to play with her dog (much to the dog’s dismay, although she is quite tolerant of a toddler wagging her tail, offering her pretend tea, etc). The dog had retreated under the dining room table, probably for a moment of peace, while Lil’ Duck was running […]

The toddler bedroom redecoration in a Cars theme…

Well, it was time to do the toddler bedroom redecoration in a Cars theme! Lil’ Duck got a red car bed before Christmas, which really didn’t fit into his blue & green Pooh character themed baby room. He loves all things Cars, so we were inspired to create a Cars world just for him. Using […]